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Friday, July 9, 2010

Electronics return home

Well, our electronics left on Wednesday for a sleepover at the cleaning depot, but, they did not come home Thursday!  After a frantic call this morning, one television with HD box as well as my laptop and modem arrived back home and where they belong!

The carpenters came on Thursday morning and installed my new cabinet and a painter arrived later and put on the base coat, ready for the final painting.  The carpenters were nice enough to also put some finishing touches on the vacant space above my fridge where a cupboard was taken out to give us needed height when we replaced that appliance. 

Am still frustrated with appliance company and hope that there will be some results early next week.  I know the painting will be done when the painter has some time left in his day after his bigger jobs.  The drapes that were taken down for cleaning are another issue.  Wow... the cleaners want $1500 to clean my 40 year old drapes!!  hmmm.... not so sure that they are worth that.  

Carpet cleaning will be done after painting is finished and that will leave me with a cleaner for a day to get all the little bits cleaned up that I have found in my travels throughout the house (a lampshade needs some tlc) and then, we will be DONE!

In the meantime, without any tv or computer time, and with the extreme heat of the last few days, it has been a perfect opportunity to put my feet up and read!   To heck with the 'to-do' lists!!

And, not a stitch sewn in the last few days! 

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  1. Phew! That's been an awfully long process for you. I'm so happy for you that it's all done. Enjoy your weekend and the break we seem to be having from the heat today.