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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Winterizing and packing

Not much quilting happening here.  I do have projects that I would like to work on, some small things, this next week but we are busy outside, trying to winterize our home for the El Nina wicked winter that is being predicted.  Also packing and organizing for our trip south - so hard to know which UFO's and PIGS to take with me?
It is hard to winterize dahlias that are still blooming and hanging baskets that are still flowering.

However, it is Hallowe'en this weekend so we do have our pumpkins carved and have been lighting them every night. We put them on the ladder and in the dark, they look like they are floating in the dark night! 
 Enjoy your spooky night on Sunday! 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Time to post

I am trying to spend less time on my computer and more time working on the things that need to be done around here!
Am actually finishing up painting my kitchen cupboards.  The ones damaged during our kitchen fire got a fresh coat of paint but it made the rest of the cupboard doors look old and tired so, with the leftover paint, am giving them a clean, nicer look, covering up years of nicks and scratches and abuse.

And, I have made a new table topper for my kitchen table. 
I also worked on my monster mystery quilt.  I was determined to get this quilt quilted and bound and out of my sewing space.  It was taking up too much space and yet I was dreading the pulling, pushing and shoving that was required to get it through the machine.  The quilt was too large for our B-line set up and I didn't think that it warranted me spending big bucks for professional quilting so I did it myself.  PHEW!  Done, finito, bound and on a bed.  I is totally  made from scraps from my quilting leftovers.  Even the binding is made from leftover binding strips from other quilting projects.  Am so happy it is finished!! 

I also found an old quillow, made for my daughter, 20 years ago that was in sad shape, badly torn and worn.  I didn't do much to it but fixed up the major tears and thought it was worth salvaging as it has obviously been well used and hated to throw it out. 

So, while I haven't been spending time adding to this blog or on the computer much at all, I have accomplished some other projects and it feels GOOD!