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Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

The day to wear green and celebrate the Irish.
This is my leprachaun, finished in time to adorn my wall for March 17th

It is quite warm here.  Not hot enough to need the a/c but warm enough that we have switched from sitting in our backyard to sitting on our covered porch out front. 

Enjoy the day! 


  1. Your eyes must get tired in all that sunshine! We will be happy to see you back at guild - have you bin working on show quilts? or are they all done?

  2. My quilts for the show are all done but forgot to download the pics onto my laptop/memory disc so can't fill in my forms till I get home? oooops. Poor planning. Am trying to keep everything that is for here, down here other than Quilts of Valour.