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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year

It is the 5th of January and I am finally back here blogging.  Today I have 9 people coming for a turkey dinner.  Why roast a turkey on this date?  Because I want the turkey roasted and out of my freezer and I was intending for a New Year's turkey but 5 days late is ok!
As usual here, everyone offered to bring something to add to the feast though I did decide to also use up some of my frozen tart shells that I carried in my suitcase from Canada and make butter tarts.  Tarts are definately not an "American" thing. 

This week I made myself a tote.  It is a Lazy Girl design and I used the fusible vinyl on the surface of the fabric.  Was a simple project only made difficult because the vinyl surface is slippery and you cannot pin through it or you will make holes. 

This is strange.  Google must have done something new and different to the Blogger.  I had to upload my picture to my Picasa album to get it to load onto my blog?  Never had to do that before?  Oh well, it worked! Just one more step in the process. 

And, I have finally figured out why I am not accomplishing anything in my sewing room.  That darn NHL!!!  Usually, when my hubbie is watching hockey, I am sewing.  No hockey, no sewing.  Do you think if I wrote to the NHL and complained that their dispute is creating a lack of sewing time for me, they would listen?  I can't be the only one?


  1. I'm sure you have heard by now, You will soon have your sewing time back -- about 5 months of it... as I said to a friend, bad news comes in threes -- they will probably start showing euro soccer and cricket on the tv too... there goes downton abbey, call the midwife and the mentalist!

  2. Ha Ha... yes, Susan, I know that hockey is starting. All ready our tv seems to be on the NHL channel with all the updates and information. That is ok by me. I have my own tv to watch while sewing even though I only have basic cable. I must say, I get more done while my dh is being entertained by his sport of choice. He doesn't find movies to watch that tend to grab my attention and I end up sitting my lazy boy getting nothing done for a couple of hours.