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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

July 6th... already!!

Oh my goodness... time just keeps whizzing by when you are busy doing anything but bonding with your machine!  I had a great few weeks in June and accomplished lots but then my poor husband had to have surgery on the cancer that just below his lip.  He had one surgery by a specialist and they didn't get it all so he got sent to the 'big' boys in the city and there we spent an entire day in the Mohs micrographic clinic where they slice the flesh and freeze it on slides, graphing where the flesh came from and examine it by a pathologist and repeat the procedure throughout the day until the last slide of flesh is cancer free and then that is followed by reconstructive surgery which means they try to repair the layers of flesh to repair the damage to the nerves.  Today we got the all clear and stitches were removed and now another week of being very careful with the stitches area and then a year of healing!  And that is my excuse for not having a very successful July! 

In June I finished up my Cantik Maple leaf and it was done in time to hang for Canada Day.  Am very happy with the results.

And I finished a 4 patch that was made from leftovers from a previous 16 patch plus some squares of ancient purple/teal fabric that was at the bottom of the stack in my fabric closet.  Good use of leftovers!  And thanks to Connie E for stitching the blocks together at a guild workshop in May.

Was reading the Heartstrings blog and they are challenging the members to quilt in July and move from quilt tops to finished quilts.  So far, I have none done but I do have one loaded on the B-line and close to finishing it so it will be bound and added to the stack of finished quilts in the next few days.

And of course, another top started but am not jumping into this right away. 

Plus, a summer Kinderbell project that is ready for the background piecing when I have a top quilted.  One project at a time! 
And so goes July! 

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