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Thursday, April 13, 2017

  1. We  are back at our other home and have been here 3 weeks and finally I am catching up on projects and taking the time to post an update.
 These are two coasters I made this past winter and they are living in my AZ home although might be more appropriate here?
And, while in Arizona, I finished a Canadiana quilt that I had been wanting to make.  Simple but great way I thought to use the panels that feature various Canadian cities.
My first priority when I got home and started sewing was to catch up on my blocks from Sew Sisters.  The patterns had been in the mail which I started having held in February because I wasn't sure when I would be home.
I have Jan, Feb and March done and April block patterns just arrived so they will get done shortly.
And am fairly current on my 150 Canadian women's blocks though still have the three from this week to tackle.  This is just the most recent blocks, the rest are in a baggie tucked away safely!
Plus my solstice blocks which are also up to date other than this week's block which was published yesterday.  I am going to redo one of the blocks that looks really wonky to me.
I have also finished four of the quilts for the Great Canadian Quilt bee sponsored by Canadian Quilting Association.  These quilts will be distributed to Ronald McDonald houses across Canada.  Every block (which are slab quilt blocks designed by Cheryl Arkison) has a piece of Canadian fabric in them.  They want 1000 quilts made and now only need 996 made by other quilters.

I have also finished my elephant baby quilt.  This was a kit that I bought from the Needle and I last summer/fall and didn't get it quilted before I left for the winter.  It is now done and ready to donate to the Abbotsford quilter's guild for their We Care program.

And a zig zag quilt which was a kit from Connecting Threads last fall when the prices during Black Friday sales are impossible to resist!
Again, a donation to the We Care program through my local quilt guild.
Hopefully, now that I am back home and my desktop doesn't have an issue with downloading pictures from my camera, I will be able to keep you more updated on my quilting projects and progress.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Home for spring, summer and fall.

 We left our winter home and was sad to say goodbye to the glorious spring colours.

Autumn Joy, a kit from Connecting Threads is finished.  I notice the picture is upside down.  Oh well... it is at my other home so can't take another picture.

I started this last summer and was hoping to have it finished for U.S. thanksgiving in November but it didn't happen.  However, am ready for this year.

My latest solstice block - a weekly block program with Pat Sloan.

A fun project using jolly bars.  Of course, one package isn't enough for a decent size quilt so went through some fabrics that I had in my AZ stash and found some that would work.  The blocks are made but need to be stitched together into a quilt top.

And, staying up to date with my 150 Women's blocks.  These are last week's blocks and I downloaded the next three this morning so need to get busy and start stitching.

This batik table runner was simple and quick to do.  I bought a quick quilt on sale at Quilter's Oasis a month ago and got the top made.  It will wait for layering, quilting and binding until the fall.

 An Atkinson quilt pattern - Texas Two step.  I used leftover fun fabrics to make some blocks.  One top is put together for a child's quilt and have more blocks to make another quilt as well.  I think that these will be made for donation through Abbotsford Quilter's guild.

This is finished though this picture was taken before I did the stitching.

My solstice blocks on the design wall.  

Now that I am back in my "other" home, I will be able to easily take pictures and upload with my desktop computer and hopefully post more frequently.  I have a lot of projects on the go and posting to the blog helps me to have some focus.  Not happy with the rain but it is perfect weather to get some of my winter projects completed.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

March catch up

I might have figured out how to post pictures taken with my phone.  Time will tell.  I have a few and will work on loading more from phone to blog.  Having a blog without pictures would be really dreary and boring!
I am working on finishing up projects before we head back to snowy, rainy, dreary weather in BC.  

This project is a quilt top that I finished for my dear departed quilting friend, Glitzy Chris, in Florida.  Her daughter is finding many UFO's as well as a massive stash in cupboards and closets as she begins the daunting task of clearing out her mom's craft projects.  I finished 3 quilts and this is the third and it is boxed and waiting for a trip to the post office to mail back. 

 This was quilt two for Glitzy Chris.  A nice Christmas quilt and it is finished and also in the box waiting for the post office trip.

These are blocks for the Canadian Quilter's Association great Quilting Bee to celebrate Canada's 150th anniversary.  The goal is make enough slab blocks to donate 1000 quilts to Ronald MacDonald houses across Canada.  Am trying to do my part.  The blocks are made and I tried to find fabric as funky as possible in my stash here in Arizona.
  The continuation of my blocks to celebrate the contribution of Canadian women to our history.  Every week instructions for 3 blocks are released and I am keeping up to date!  The blocks measure 6.5" and there are some small pieces.  Not my idea of fun as I like bigger and better but am determined to keep on with this project.

 Some of my blocks on the design wall.  This will be impressive when it is complete!

Now, to find more pictures so I can share what I have been working on for the last 5 months!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Missed New Year's Eve

 I had the best of intentions to post on January 31st and end the year on a positive note!  However, as usual, got too busy doing other activities, mainly recovering from playing (and winning) in a 3 day mixed tennis tournament.  Had a great partner and we played well but it was exhausting!
So, pretend this is the last day of 2016 instead of the third day of 2017!

This is a finished UFO.  It is batik fabrics and was a kit from Connecting Threads.  It was pieced, beginning in December 2015 and ready for quilting in January 2016 but it never happened.  It is now quilted and bound and was actually used during the Christmas season. 

 A tennis bag for me to take my captain's binder and other supplies I need for Wednesday league games.  I made in October and finally posting a picture.

I quilted and bound two donation quilts for Sunland Stitchers as way of learning to use the Pfaff Grand Quilter.  I need to do more because I have three quilt tops waiting for me to get them quilted and bound. I posted the first one in my last post. This is a simple design.  Choose your center fabric and cut into 12½" squares and border with 2½" strips in alternating colours. 
I am continuing to work on my Women's 150 blocks for Canada's anniversary this year.  These are some of the latest and the best part is that I am up to date with them.

And am also participating in Pat Sloan's Solstice block challenge.  She releases one block a week starting with the Winter solstice and continuing until the summer solstice.

I have my Offset from Connecting Threads on the sewing machine at the moment, joining the blocks into a top.
And Ziggy zag, also from Connecting Threads is cut and half square triangles are being stitched as leaders and enders.
I won these great labels and plan on making them into mug rugs to keep the sentiments at hand throughout the year.
And the other project that is on the go is working with a stack of 5 x 10" strips and adding 2.5" strips to each side and making a super simple project with gray and red fabrics.

I have more happening but one post at a time and at least I have finally started the year off with a blog post!  Hopefully, I will be a little more attentive to my readers and keep you up to date.  I do try to post to Instagram regularly and you will find me there as rosyquilter. 

Happy New Year and I wish for all of my readers to be happy, healthy and have some great successes and of course, plentiful finishes!