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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I have a microwave!

I have a microwave - wow!  The major stuff is finished - whoopee!!  Tomorrow is housecleaning and carpet cleaning and we are DONE.  What a feeling.  I also managed to spray baste three quilts yesterday so am ready for my after eye surgery quilting.  Hopefully, with my house clean and everything done, I will be able to either put my feet up and read or turn on my sewing machine after Thursday, maybe do a little of both? 
Considering that this was a 'small' fire, can't imagine what a large fire would be like to deal with?  My heart goes out to those who have to endure that kind of restoration.

So here is my new microwave and stove.  I am also trying an experiment, dehydrating blueberries?  Not sure how long to dry them for or how this will work but thought it was a good idea for using them later in baking?

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  1. Concerning dried blueberries: they dry very well (and I don't bother with dipping them in a cloth in boiling water) and are very nice just thrown into any muffin or cake batter - if the kids don't eat them all just dried. They are lovely, too, tucked into a gift basket.