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Monday, May 20, 2019

Raining and should be sewing!

We tried to play tennis this morning and got 20 minutes of time on the court before it was too wet to play.  So, home and other than making some cinnamon rolls in my crockpot, have accomplished nothing other than my turn at online Scrabble.

The more time on this computer, the less time sewing!

However, yesterday, I managed to get a few things done although not nearly as much as I had intended. It wasn't a very productive week but I did get my Flower Shoppe strips cut and blocks made.  Now it is time to play with the layout.  There are over 70 blocks and last night, they got trimmed to size.

And I did get my CQA blocks up to date.  I made the three from the last 3 weeks.  I still have my Sparrow blocks to do but hopefully this week? 

And I managed to get binding finished on my Missouri Star "Out of Time" hourglass blocks.

Orange Rainbow Challenge blocks are done for May as well.

 Binding is done my second St. Louis 16 Patch.  This one is an older UFO. 
On Saturday, attended a quilt show and I am much more selective of what I take pictures of but here are few that I was attracted to for either the pattern or the quilting.

At least I feel good that I got my blog updated!  Now, off to load a quilt on the quilting frame and get those Flower Shoppe blocks on the design wall. 

Monday, May 13, 2019

Some great days and some really lazy ones!

I am blaming my age on my days where I don't seem to get much accomplished but, I do have some great days where I seem to have unlimited energy?  So, I roll as quickly as possible on good days and drink lots of tea and do a few minimal things on the low energy days.

My week was interrupted by installation of a new furnace and a/c system.  I had thought I could work away at my sewing machine but I was in the high traffic area between inside and outside and from furnace to outside a/c installation. 

And lots of dust and foot prints across the floor so my plan to cut battings and backings for quilt tops didn't happen.  The pile is still sitting and waiting for me.
After the installation was complete, I had to clean up my 'bunker' space and I spent about 6 hours cleaning, rearranging, opening some containers and labelling.  Not too many surprises but was also trying to Marie Kondo some items... were they bringing me joy?
I have a few boxes of items for tomorrow for our guild's give and take table.

I worked on my Dixie blocks from Cluck, Cluck, Sew and it took me all week right up until Sunday to get my quilt tops assembled.  I decided to make two tops, both approx 44 x 50.  They will be a nice size to donate to We Care in my local guild.

My Villa Rosa  Surrounded blocks are put together but still deciding on whether to add a border.  I think I will to get the quilt top to a size more suitable for donation.
I worked on bindings most evening this week and finished 16 patch #1, and my gingham quilt is done, along with the L - 7 UFO from last year.  Feels good to cross older projects off my list!

And pillowcases!  I made 10 cases for kids going to Burn camp this summer. 

A quilting friend in the guild asked if anyone had any vintage quilts that she could use for a program she is doing.  I had this one and dug it out and took a picture to send to her. 

Spring is bringing some colour to my front garden.  I planted some icelandic poppies last year and they looked sad and I didn't think that they would survive but they sprung to life a month ago and this is what greeted me yesterday morning.  Lots more to come!  And a second plant looked it wouldn't produce any flowers but the buds are forming!  And a third plant, that I did not plant is growing and has buds though they are much smaller than the other two. 

I have a list of projects to complete including two quilts waiting for loading and quilting in my clean bunker.  There are 5 quilts waiting for batting/backings. And have to work on my Rainbow colour challenge blocks - orange this month.  But, first guild meeting tomorrow to get organized for.  And weather permitting, tennis every morning?

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Cinco de Mayo

I might actually have two posts this week... will see if my 'on a roll' continues.  This last week, feeling lousy with my cold, but better than the week before plus some really cold weather, kept me home from tennis (wet courts were also a problem) and I decided it was time to get busy.  Instead of writing lists and spending time on my computer, I would 'go to work' every day.

My husband is much improved in his health and that has helped as well... I am not listening to him moving about, waiting to see if I need to help him.  He is also able to drive himself to a few places and that is a bonus.  Sitting in a denturist's office was necessary but not good use of my time!
Hanging sleeves and quilt show labels got taken 'off' my quilts from the quilt show last weekend.  First step in getting and feeling organized.

I got organized for my Sparrow 50 blocks in 50 weeks and am up to date.  There are a couple of blocks missing, but those are ones I chose to not make.  These blocks are going to be enough for at least two quilts! I was 6 weeks behind so feels good to get caught up.  I decided that it is more efficient to work on two blocks at the same time so will make my blocks every second week.
The same with my Canada 52 blocks in 52 weeks.  will work on them every second week. I have no made the block from this week but will make two this week.

And a small, batik table runner finally got finished.  This has been sitting around my Arizona sewing room for a couple of years and I brought it home and was an easy finish!  Done!!
And a pillowcase for my grandson who live in the Kootenay's.  I had sent an Easter pillowcase to his sister and he told me he would like a 'bright' one.  So this will get mailed this week.
Before we left Arizona this spring, my cousin's wife sent me a package of quilting 'things'.  One of the projects was this one... partially finished.  I had put the blocks on my design wall to check out what needed to be done but I wanted my design wall back, so finished it to this stage.  I will take this to my Wed quilting group for opinions on how to finish.  There isn't enough of the border fabric to add much more and am debating whether to change out the U.S. flag for a Canadian maple leaf and then this could be a donation to Quilts of Valour?

My Cornerstone, Dreamfield quilt blocks got assembled into a top and now waiting for the next step.
And Busy Bee blocks (Villa Rosa) got assembled as well.
Three quilt tops became quilts and need binding.  I am almost finished binding the first one.

I also bound a quilt that my buddy, Bonnie, made. A very old quilt kit using Flea Market in Paris fabrics.

And I began work on a kit called Dixie by Cluck, Cluck sew.  Slow stitching on this one.

This was a Craftsy kit from last fall called Squared Off and uses 10" squares.  The fabric is Petal Noir.   In my December post, I have a picture of them on my design wall in Arizona.
So, Happy Spring to everyone.  The sun is shining and we are going to warm up to some lovely temperatures this week.  My cold is subsiding.  Tennis weather is here.  And my husband has more appointments this week... nephrologist and vascular surgeon.  I am hoping for some answers and/or solutions to his health issues.  We have the nephrologist to thank for his blood transfusion but will be interesting to see if his anemia can be resolved or if this is his new way of life and how often will he need a transfusion.  Lots of questions, hopefully, we will get some answers?

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Two weeks? Really?? I can't believe I have been so lax in posting.

In all fairness, it was Easter last weekend and I entertained my family for dinner.  I caught the dreaded cold on the 15th and my husband's health has been deteriorating badly because of extremely low hemoglobin counts.  A specialist sent him for blood tests and called us and got him in for blood transfusions and that happened on Thursday.  It has taken 48 hours for his new blood to 'work' but today, he is the husband I know instead of a shaking, stooped old man who couldn't use a tv remote, write, do his crosswords and the list goes on.  And best of all, he tried driving and he was just fine!
I will not miss my role as caregiver. 

The past few days was the local quilt show for my guild and while I remained at arm's length, I had offered to help with the merchant mall and was busy during set up and take down.  All the time coughing and wondering when this cold will end?

I did put some quilts into the show so earlier in the week, had to get the hanging sleeves and labels onto them.

And now, I have them to take off this week!
Last weekend my husband sat in a chair and directed garage clean up activities and my awesome grandson worked hard.  Everything that didn't belong in our garage is now stored properly in the basement.  Good work!
I did make a pillowcase for my granddaughter. 

And I made a baby quilt that my sister wanted... she shopped for the fabric and chose the design.  Super simple and she was thrilled with the result.  I ran out of binding but she brought enough fabric with her at Easter and I managed to get it finished after dinner.
And a small table runner that is an old UFO got finished.
My aqua rainbow scrap blocks are done for April.
And I have my Sparrow blocks... 50 blocks in 50 weeks ready to catch up.  My busy bee quilt is also in the middle of being sewn together.  Not much progress but for two weeks, I am ok with this.

And my CQA 52 blocks in 52 weeks is up to date as well.