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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Late August

We enjoyed a really nice day yesterday with relatives that we had either not seen for a long while and some we had never met (great nieces, a great nephew, once removed).  At the last family funeral, it was decided that we should have a family gathering during happy times and not wait for the sad moments to get together.  All the children had fun, the teens seemed to enjoy themselves and the adults were all relaxed and we enjoyed some good conversations as well as reminiscing about the past. 

One fun activity I did with the family I hadn't seen for awhile and the great nieces we had never met, was to pull out of my linen cupboard a variety of quilts that were samples from classes in the past.  I let each family member root through the pile and choose a quilt for themselves.  It was interesting to see who made an immediate choice and hugged their quilt closely while others had a really hard time making a decision - maybe I didn't have quilts in their favourite colours to offer them? 

I did manage to get a couple of quilts quilted this past week and also managed to get the binding onto one of them so watch for pictures in the next few days as I complete each project.

This is the quilt that I posted in my last blog but it is now quilted and bound and ready to donate to the preemie SCU at our local hospital.

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  1. Happy Summer, Carolyn.
    Sounds like a memorable family reunion.
    See you soon.