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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wow, has been awhile

Funny how life gets in the way and your regular routine gets disrupted?  I have done a little bit of sewing and have another of our redrafted BQ preemie quilt made though it is still a top and not yet layered or quilted.  One step at a time, right?

The last week has been a bonanza for blueberries and I seem to pick, pick and pick some more.  We had rain for three days and wow... they grew, ripened and the bushes were once more laden this morning. 
I have no idea why this picture is sideways?  But, you can turn your head to look? 
Sockeye salmon season is 'open' around here so my dh has been busy fishing and I am deciding between fillets and keeping some whole for canning? 

My only 'other' sewing has been altering some Sears catalogue curtains for our bedroom window.  After our fire, I decided I would wash our curtains myself rather than wait for them to be sent out for cleaning and then have a long delay with no curtains on the window - a nuisance on mornings when the sun is shining in your eyes at some 'ungodly' hour and you would much prefer to still be sleeping.  Unfortunately, the curtains were old and foam backed and I forgot to change my machine to cold wash and my warm water was a little too hot for the foam.... and we had some interesting curtains after that effort.  New curtains are hemmed and now hung, looking new and fresh.  For some things, you can't beat good, old fashioned catalogue shopping (am I showing my age?). 

Maybe now that life seems to getting back to 'normal' (whatever that is?) after fire, after eye surgery and after other comitments in the last few weeks, I really hope that I can make my sewing machine happy and have her purring away, getting projects completed that I had great plans for in June?

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