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Thursday, September 16, 2010

And, it is raining, again!

Such a lovely morning and early afternoon and now, back to rain.  Oh well... I finished up two projects for my neighbour who is off to Alberta for the sewing/quilting shows there next week and both projects were from fabrics and/or panels that just arrived in her shop a few days ago. 
Time to clean up my sewing spaces tomorrow.  I have some very messy batiks as well as 'stuff' from the workshop I taught on Tuesday at guild for QOV quilts, bits of stuff everywhere.  Rain is good weather for doing inside tidy up jobs! 
I did bring in all my houseplants from outside - figured that the next few days of moisture on top the rain last week would be too much water for the poor things.  Usually they get left outside until the first frost is predicted but having wet roots for too long won't help them to be happy and healthy! 

The project on the left is a little girl's apron and would look quite adorable on a child/toddler.  The second is an Advent wallhanging made from a panel - all the numbers are small pockets to hold a wee gift and do the Christmas countdown.

I had a great report today from my optometrist - my eyes post surgery look good and, best news of all, no more contact lenses - ever.  He has written me a prescription for glasses and I had fun choosing a new pair of frames.  For the first time in my life, I didn't have to worry about the actual size of the lens area as I no longer need coke bottle lenses (the smaller the lens area, the thinner they could make the lenses) - so had fun and the gals working at the optometry clinic had fun with me, helping me to choose.  I love my transition lenses, perfect for watching tv, sewing and or reading while my dh clicks through the channels during commercials.  The distance isn't  a very strong prescription but will give me superwoman vision!  However, like everyone over the age of 40, my close up vision is the pits and so I will have great vision for all distances.  Can't wait till next week and surprise everyone with my new look!  However, having said that, I am legal to drive with my eyes just the way the opthamologist gave them to me during cataract surgery... just need a bit of tweaking to see the little details when watching tv from a distance.  Am doing a happy dance! :)

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  1. glad to hear the eyes are working well! We have to learn to do the close up work with eyes on the tv and not worry about the skipped stitches, ya think?