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Sunday, November 28, 2010

A lot has happened in a month!

We left 'home' on Nov 6th and headed south to the sunshine.  We don't enjoy the 3 day drive from BC to AZ but, I brought lots of ufo's with me to work on, here in my 'other' home.  We did spend the first week shopping for house and found one so, in 30 days we will be moving and, I will have a walk-in closet for my quilting stuff.  YIPPEEEE!!!  And, I will have space. 

Since arriving, house shopping and finding places to put all the household stuff I brought with me, knowing we would be house hunting... we also joined softball, tennis and of course, quilting. 

Everyone in the park is decorating for Christmas and we have done our outside lights but am waiting until at least Dec 1st to decorate inside.  I had found a panel at home, brought it with me and worked on it this week, for a tree skirt.  Our tree has to be small and it is pre-lit, sits on a small table and last year I wrapped a piece of Christmas fabric around the base.  But this year.... I now have both a tree skirt and a finished UFO! 

Last Sunday, I did make some Christmas cakes and have them hidden away to age for a bit, and hopefully develop a nice flavour. 

Am working on a table runner, called Tulip Bells which is a bit of a challenge as I left the pattern at home.  However, the pieces were cut and some parts of the blocks made as it was a class sample many years ago.  Hopefully, I will post a picture of the finished project later this week.  Am having to turn under the edges and stitch by hand and forgot my thimble - I probably own about 10 of them... all back home and none here.  Maybe a trip to a local quilt shop is needed?