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Sunday, April 3, 2011

April in Arizona - hot, very, very hot!

We have had record breaking temperatures here in Arizona so I have been hiding somewhat in my sewing space though that is warm when I have to do a lot of pressing.

Last week, I got busy working on a row quilt, featuring blocks that are typical of the Pacific Northwest.  So far, this is what I have accomplished though am losing interest since paper piecing is NOT my favourite technique.

Today I was motivated to play with the 1600 inches quilt and made a quilt top which will be my Quilt of Valour project that I will demonstrate to those in the Fraser Valley who want to make and donate to this worthy cause.

Too warm in my sewing room for now but feel good that I got to play with this technique.  A quick and easy quilt though I would rename it the 3 bobbin quilt.  Took lots of thread but was made, from start to finish in 2½ hours. 


  1. Carolyn, obviously I have been quiltmaking too long! Years back (at least 10) when I belonged to the FV quilt in Surrey they had a premie quilt pattern the same as this stripy one in the picture above. I actually made a half dozen or so for our guild -- I think it might have been an A. Nolan idea...

    the more things change the more they stay the same!!

  2. So true Susan. This 1600 quilt is all over the internet with many variations. A great way to use up strips of fabric.