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Saturday, June 25, 2011

More than a month of ????

This has been a very long month.  I did manage to finish a few projects before life took on a route of its own.
My June Count on It wall hanging got hung on June 1st.  Yippeee

I also finished the funky strippy quilt that I made using my friend's Annie's technique that she shared with me.

My neighbour asked to finish up a quilt that she started for display in her shop so I managed to get the borders added and quilted/bound the quilt for her.

In the last month, my guild has held a quilt show and while I was in charge of the merchant mall, I also am a rep for Quilts of Valour for my region so was busy with the display of the generous donations to this worthy cause.

I did make a Quilt of Valour using the 1600 or lasagna pattern from strips I had cut from my patriotic fabrics earlier in May.

This is the wonderful stack of quilts that I have ready to deliver to the Cdn armed forces for delivery to injusred soldiers in our province

The past few weeks have been non quilting.  My husband has been very ill and has required a lot of tlc as well as transporting him to dr. appointments, MRI tests, barium tests, and a trip to the ER to get him rehydrated.  He is a terrible person to be living with when he is ill but, good news is that while his knee is a total mess, he has had a shot of cortisone to tide him over until he sees an orthopedic surgeon in September.  And he is still waiting for an appointment with a gastro enterologist - so much for urgency in our medical system.  But, he is improving.  Life is better through good drugs? 

And, to add to our days, we have had an offer on our house and after offers and counter offers, we settled on a price that is probably too low but, with health issues, we decided to just 'do it' and accepted the final counter offer.  That means of course, that if and when the subjects are removed (this week), we need to find a house for us to move into.  EEEEEEKS.  Shopping for houses wasn't very much fun without dh along to contribute to what he liked and disliked earlier in the week but yesterday, after the cortisone wonder drug in his knee, he was able to get into the car and we looked at three potential homes.  He was able to see the choices and the compromises we might have to make.  So, waiting for water testing, septic testing and home inspection before the sale is 'done deal'. 

And, I have been working on going through my spaces, cupboards and closets.  I have a load ready for the thrift shop or whatever charity calls first.  As well, yard work still needs to be done in case the house sale does fall through because of something we are unaware of, wrong with this place. 

Weather is so crummy here today on the west coast, I might just take some time to sit at my machine and work on my latest project - a really cute wall hanging.