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Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Thursday night and I keep wondering if I will ever feel 'caught' up after being back here.  So far I have managed to quilt two tops, one of mine and one for Susan, both for Quilts of Valour. I still need to get the binding cut and sewn on but want to get a couple more quilted before I get to the binding stage.

This is my current quilting project.  A lot of 'stitch in the ditch' and am wondering if I should have just done an all over pattern.  However, the end is in sight.  Today I cut and stitched backings and also cut batting for a few more of my tops that are waiting for me. 

If this continuous rain keeps up, I might just get a couple of more tops finished before the end of the month. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Living in my "other" home.

We are back in our summer home and it is quite chilly though we have had sunshine and not much rain though I fear that will change this week.
It has been a slow change from one house to the other.  Easter was last weekend and that threw me out of my quiet, calm, simple existence.  We had our daughters and grandchildren here, who all needed to be fed, and beds to sleep in.  It was lots of fun but am not used to having to be so organized and in control.

With hockey playoffs happening, I did manage to turn on my sewing machine after organizing the projects I brought home with me to be quilted. 
The first on my list is the guild mystery and I have my blocks made and up on my design wall.  Hopefully the Canucks will win a few games so that I get some quality quilting time while the Mr. is otherwise occupied. 

My design wall isn't quite long enough so the bottom two rows are on the floor. 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Movin' on

We have two sleeps here at our winter home before we return to our summer home where it is apparently still winter?  It snowed at 'home' last night.  UGH. 

My machine is packed and I have taken pictures of my sewing supplies and equipment because I know I won't remember what I have here in this house when it is time to pack and return. 

In the meantime, I have completed my red/white maple leaf blocks and ready to create something for Quilts of Valour when I am home (and hiding from winter weather). 

Two weeks ago, I went on a shop hop with the quilters here in our park and we visited Patrick Lose's studio in northern Phoenix.  WOW.  He tapes his online quilting show in his studio and the walls were covered in his bright wall hangings, the fabrics were luscious and I was in awe.

One thing I am really going to miss is the glorious colours in my backyard as well as the newly developing oranges and grapefruit.  They will grow for 10 months and hopefully, by next January, we will have more juicy citrus fruit for our daily pleasures.

My last project before we head home was to use a package of 10" squares (cake plates) and stitch them together and use my larger Let's Twist ruler to cut the blocks.  This is sewn together now and packed, ready for layering, quilting and binding when I am back 'home'.  A great way to make a fun quilt.