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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Another Sunday

Here we are, another Sunday and I am reviewing my week.  Not a lot accomplished but I did manage to cross 'stuff' off my list.  My roll top desk is looking very neat and tidy, I have been to physio for my knee, the podiatrist for my toe/foot problems, have baked some lovely rhubarb muffins, picked up my new glasses and quite like them, have watered our grass seed that we planted a week ago and it is beginning to 'green' and have been on a daily hospital run to the pysch ward to visit our daughter and take her the daily allotment of cigarettes (which is annoying but as she says, she is there to get mentally adjusted, not to quit smoking) .... whew!
Quilting? Sewing?
Actually, I did help my buddy to clean up her studio last week and I do have a quilt that I quilted and have the binding done!  Yippee... another ufo, albeit not very old, is finished.  I started this fall and used fabric from my Wednesday Diva's ugly fabric swap.  The fabric was 6½" square which didn't work with the Let's Twist rulers so I created my own and just went full steam ahead. 

And, I played with some appliqué while watching tv this week and have my projects ready to layer and buttonhole stitch/bind. 

Hopefully this week will some more progress in the direction of something completed... maybe a few somethings?

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  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I love your twisted quilt. I used a freezer paper template that I ironed to the fabric when I did mine. Mine was in blue and white.