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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mid November

I made some steering wheel covers for our quilting group's table at the craft show this Saturday. 

I was given a bag with instructions and some covers all ready cut out and ready to sew.  I added in a couple of my own and still have more to stitch for the Spring craft show if these ones are a popular idea and get purchased.

We have been busy in our garden here in Arizona.  It seems funny to do fall planting of flowers but it is too hot here in the summer to have spring/summer flowers.

This is our bouganvilla shrub that we planted last spring and it was as high as the second row of bricks on the wall when we left in April so it grows quickly in the summer. 

We had planted another bouganvilla at the same time as the one above but it didn't survive the summer heat - probably not quite enough water or it was a sick plant.  Anyway, we have replaced it with another plant and have dug a trench to make sure it gets watered weekly on the automatic system.

Our pomegranate tree.  I had to google pomegranates to find out how to eat these things... very different but supposed to be very healthy for you.  You can see one of my planters with geraniums against the wall. 

More plants... I need to remember to water them daily!

And... finally... am sewing a little bit.  This is a hidden wells or majestic mountains quilt block.  The instructions are available for free from 3 Dudes Quilting and I made these to demonstrate to my Monday Quilt group.  Easy and simple way to use up strips of fabric.

I really need to work on my UFO... my name is getting close to the top of the list in my UFO group and so this has to be finished in order to move my name to the bottom and not owe a penalty. 

Cloudy here today so hopefully I can sew for an hour and accomplish something? 


  1. I was surprised at the steering wheel covers, I thought they would look like the leather ones put on high performance cars in the 70's - remember those?

    I have been thinking on that 3 dudes block and did a couple of test blocks with two colours, then yesterday Doris F. Gave me a bunch of cut strips so I guess I will have a top or two done of those soon!

    Arizona gardens look so sparse! I think I like the Pacific Northwest GREEN GREEN GREEN - but my eyes could get used to the dry climate if I got to live there, I'm sure.

    Now I will go make some soup to keep the chilly cloudy, rain out of my bones...

  2. The only green we see here is when you pass by a golf course. Luckily, we have a golf course half a block from us so we see green between the houses across the street from us. But, yes, takes some getting used to, all the yards that are landscaped with rocks.
    That is why I wanted to plant the bouganvilla for colour!
    That 3 Dudes block is certainly an easy way to use up strips - and the blocks end up fairly large so a quilt top goes together quickly.

  3. Forgot to say that the steering wheel covers are like tea cosies. A lot of people who live here in the summer put carpeting on their dashboards to cut down on the reflection and heat absorbed. A very different climate than we are used to in the Pacific Northwest!