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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hockey night in Canada

It is Saturday night and the hockey network we get here in Arizona shows Canadian hockey until the U.S. games start so we are watching Toronto and my dh gets to listen to Don Cherry! 

It is warming up here so am feeling some pressure to get as much accomplished as possible before it really gets hot.  Today, after morning errands, I spent some time with my sewing machine and this is what I am working on, making progress.  I started these blocks 4 years ago, using a box of strips sent to me by a quilting friend in Colorado. 

Can you figure out why I am sending the next picture?

I was really struggling with trimming my blocks and kept switching rotary cutters, added a new cutting mat on top of my big mat and suddenly thought that maybe I should replace my blades?  Both blades were replaced when we arrived in Arizona, late October but I guess I have been using my rotary cutters consistently for the last few months.  WHAT A DIFFERENCE A BLADE MAKES!!!  And do you see what I do with my used blades?  Great, safe way to store them. 

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