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Monday, January 13, 2014

Catching up

I have a few projects off my design wall and ready to take home as tops that need layering, quilting and binding.

My alien squares are put together.  A cute kids' quilt.

And my next project is also a top ready to send home to myself.

Played with a pinwheel block that I saw on a video from Missouri Star quilts.  Fun and simple. 

My latest creation on the design wall waiting to have the blocks joined into a top and borders added. Different for me.  This was inspired by a pattern and kit from Cozy Quilt Shop in California.

A windmill quilt using some Aunt Gracie fabrics - inspired by a pattern from Auntie Lena fabrics in Washington State.

I did a demo at quilting on the method I use for making pillowcases so these are finished from that dem.

My current project is to finish up these purple blocks from a block swap from unknown number of years ago.  Am added a border to each because swap blocks are known for being not accurate in size so this eliminates the problem.

Lots of projects in various stages but hope to get one off the design wall and the purple blocks up on the wall while I am in the process of cutting for another quilt project that I have been wanting to do ever since I saw Bonnie's version.  Wait for it....


  1. those first two tops look to be interesting scrap projects... I am getting my machine back from repair next week, so hope to hide in my sewing room and DARE anyone to disturb me!