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Friday, December 18, 2015

And, 3 weeks later....

So three weeks has passed since I posted.  I was beginning to get really motivated about quilting and then I had a health setback... something to do with my kidneys, an infection? kidney stones?  Not too sure but took some antibiotics and slept a lot.  I lost a few weeks out of my life and am still a little tired but am getting a few things started and finished.

I managed to finish this runner just in time for Thanksgiving.  I didn't go to my last post to see if I had posted a picture so forgive me if you see this twice.

And I managed to get our Arizona home decorated for Christmas.  Simple but puts us in the Christmas spirit.

And I made two striped placemats for our Thanksgiving table, ready for 2016... nice to be early!  Though that really means I was too late for this year!

I also made two pillowcases for the bed I sleep in most nights.

And then I started a new project.  Quick flying geese from Missouri Star using some of the stack of fun polka dot fabrics that I had on hand. 

I just realized that I have had finished blocks up on my design wall for a month... whoa... that is so unlike me but am determined to get them stitched together in a flimsy which will wait to be layered, quilted and bound. 

Right now, I am busy adding labels to a couple of quilts that I am going to give to friends who are undergoing cancer treatment.  So sad when that is the reason for giving a warm gift of caring hugs. 

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