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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Back in my other house for spring and summer seasons

Home but not very organized.  I did a major cleanout and tidying of my sewing space in Arizona.  It was a good opportunity to bring home lots of supplies since we were driving which is unusual for us to do.  I filled the back of the vehicle with all my treasures and they are still piled up around my sewing space here in BC.  Oh well... one day at a time.
But look how nice it looks in Arizona.  This is what I will return to... a place for everything and everything in it's place!  Just how I like it.

I did make blocks out of a Downton Abby jelly roll before I left but wasn't happy with the blocks.  I think I need more so packed up some of the other fabrics I had that go with the blocks and will make more to get to to the size I want. And it might look better with a border? 

And some of my 9 patches made it into this quilt top and it is now here with me, ready to be quilted and donated to Quilts of Valour.

Our quilt group in Mesa had a one day quilt show the Saturday before I left and these are some pictures of a few of the projects that caught my eye, for one reason or another.  One of these is the paint chip challenge that we held and I did post a picture of mine earlier but here it is again with the tag on it showing 3 of the chips I used.

 Great idea for my Aunt Gracie fabrics?
 Fun scrappy quilt?
 Took this picture to show my friends who do a lot of machine embroidery
 Love this use of batiks
 I have this pattern so this is inspiration to get it out and make a table runner
 Really interesting placemats.
 And more placemats that were part of the paint chip challenge
 I like this idea for a setting for more of my 9 patch blocks
 Another good idea for a scrap quilt. 

 Interesting block that creates a scrappy quilt and loved the quilting on it.

Friday, March 4, 2016

The pressure is on for finishing some projects

I need to finish up some projects.  I don't like to leave projects here and try to remember when I return, what I was planning or thinking.  And I need projects that I am taking home with me to be at a stage where it is easy to pack them up and not have to remember what I was intending to do to finish.
So, with that in mind....

My Christmas batik snowball quilt top is now on a hanger in the closet here waiting for quilting and binding when I return in the fall.

And my hot peppers Patchability is hanging on the wall, completed.

One table topper completed and donated to our craft show. 

And a few St. Patrick's day projects completed, added to the decor around the house.

A cute table topper with kitchen utensils completed.

My flying geese polka dot quilt top is packed and ready to take home for quilting and binding. I am thinking that this might look better with background added for border all around to set off the geese so remembered to pack the extra white fabric. 

I got the borders onto 42 of my 9 patch blocks and this is now stitched and ready to head home for quilting.  I like how it looks.  Now, have to decide how to set the remainder of the 9 patch blocks.

These 16 patch blocks were organized for cutting in December.  I went through a lot of my fat quarters and chose ones that I just had no idea what to do with and matched them up with other fabrics that were a little calmer but still questionable as to what project they would work in.  The result is a stack of blocks ready to be put into a quilt.  I did cut these a little wider - 4.5" which makes the finished block a little larger.

The last of my projects that I want to get completed before we leave is a jelly roll of Downton Abbey fabrics.  Seems that since this Sunday is the very last show of the very last season, I should get something put together in memory of such a wonderful series.  So, this is in progress and am determined to finish the blocks to take home and have packed some more fabric to go with that I can use for a border and binding.

And A FINISHED project.  A UFO is complete.  Not a very old UFO.  This is a challenge here in the park with the Sunland Stitchers and since our quilt show is this Friday and since this is entered into the challenge, it had to be finished.  I chose paint chips according to my initials.  I didn't write down the name of the colours I chose and have handed my paint chips in already so will have to update the blog when I get the names back.
I had my paint chips and matching fabrics chosen last summer and then the fabrics waited.. patiently... for me to get the cutting and stitching done.  The cutting got done and then more waiting... and all these fabrics are from my stash!