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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Two thirds day... 10 days left in August

August is two thirds gone... never to be seen again!  But, the hot weather kept me indoors and busy quilting while the a/c kept the house comfortable.  I accomplished a lot and am happy.  I still have some bindings to finish up but I have most of my projects quilted which is a good thing.
This is my Challenge list for my modern quilt guild.  I list my projects, that in a perfect world, would get finished by the end of this month.  I am on the way but am sure that 5 of these won't get completed.

1. 150 women's blocks - am done making them
2. Solstice challenge
3. Sew sisters blocks for Canada's birthday Aug, Sept, Oct
4. Quilt of valour blocks using slabs
5. Brown 9 patches
6. Beach bingo blocks from Jolly Bars
7. Downton Abbey quilt Blueberry hill pattern
8. Red and Gray blocks
9. Ohio star blocks
10. King's ransom bright florals
11. Latin Lady using gray grunge
12. Busy Bee with bobby pin fabric
13. Melinda Jo with florals and white background
14. Limelight with gold strips/turquoise

15. Honey bouquet with fabric like paint by number
16. Offset, top from kit from Connecting Threads
17. Maple leaf quilt for QOV
18. Sewing themed blocks
19. Zoe's triangles
20. 16 patch blues/purples

I am hoping that my #18, sewing themed blocks get put together and perhaps Zoe's triangles (but I doubt it) and am determined to work on my 150 blocks and up on the design wall plus, IF I make a supreme effort, maybe, just maybe, my Solstice blocks will get put together and at least make it to the flimsy stage? 

Limelight, a Villa Rosa pattern, is finished.  Binding is done and it is labelled.  I think this will be donated to fire victims in BC.
The red and gray jolly bars is completed and this will be donated to Quilts of Valour Canada.
Offset was a kit from Connecting Threads that I purchased last fall for a good price.  It is done and will be a QOVC donation and, in my sewing room in Arizona, there is another Offset quilt kit waiting for me that I bought even cheaper than this one! 
A rainbow scrap quilt that I think is a happy quilt.  I got the pattern idea from Free Motion by the River and it was simple, quick and easy to make and used up some strips of fabric. 
Another Villa Rosa pattern, Busy Bee and this has bobby pin fabric along with other 'hair' themed fabrics.  It is a lap quilt and I am thinking that it would make a lovely gift for the hairdresser that takes care of my mother's hair weekly.  Sort of a nice thank you for helping mom in and out of the chair and keeping her hair looking well groomed.
My beach ball quilt started out with some jolly bars and a pattern from the Fat Quarter quilt shop.  I wanted it slightly larger so added in some of my own fabrics to make more blocks.  Not sure, but am thinking that this might also be a good donation to fire victims in the interior of BC?

I have a few other projects quilted and stacked up, waiting for me to be hand stitching down the bindings.  As the evenings grow darker earlier (sadly), it means more time for sitting in my chair, watching tv and working on these quilts. So, hopefully, in the next 10 days, they will have their binding and I will have more finishes!


Saturday, August 5, 2017

One August week almost gone!

It is almost the end of the first week of August.  Wow, this week felt both long and went fast at the same time.  We are 'smoked' in and so that has been good for me getting some work done in my sewing studio.  Not much tennis played this week due to warnings about air quality for seniors - that is me!  A true senior. 
I played around with more strings and strips and made enough blocks to put a quilt top together. 

And my Sew-Sisters two blocks for July got finished.  They were actually finished on Sunday so made it under the wire.
And the block that my buddy showed me two weeks ago is now a quilt top, added to the list of waiting projects.
Last Sunday, our electricity was out all afternoon and into the early evening.  My sewing bunker is underground (where I keep all my supplies) so I couldn't load a quilt on the B-line because it is pitch black in there. I did make a list of projects and got my sewing space cleaned up and then, wanted to sew so badly but I don't have a treadle machine.  So, I dragged my roll of batting up to my sewing space (where I have loads of windows and walk out basement) and proceeded to cut batting for all my quilt tops on hand.  That felt good to at least get something accomplished. This is one of the quilt tops that is ready for layering and quilting.
And since Sunday, have managed to quilt two tops, waiting now for their binding.
And this lovely floral quilt got quilted and bound. This is a Villa Rosa pattern: Melinda Jo.
And one of my strip stars (Missouri Star pattern) got quilted and bound all ready for a Quilts of Valour recipient.
This quilt is spray basted and ready for me to quilt on my domestic machine using the walking foot since I want to do straight lines and stitch in the ditch.  It is a kit from Connecting Threads, started last fall and will get finished this week - I hope!
After cleaning and organizing my sewing space and realizing that I have four tops waiting for me to handstitch the bindings, I decided to switch gears and play with the scrap basket container that will be a guild challenge/swap in September.  Wow... which one to swap and look - it is only early August and I am done!
One my UFO's that is patiently waiting is my 16 patch teal and purple blocks so I have moved them to within my vision every time I go down into my bunker.  They are hanging on the door.  They will get put on the design wall when the strip blocks are joined and ready for the pile of tops that need backing and batting and quilting.
A great start to the month of August for me.  Sort of a catch-22.  Horrible smoky conditions because of the really awful forest fires burning in the interior of BC and we are forced indoors with windows closed and no outside activity but I made lemonade out of lemons, completing projects and having a tidy and organized sewing space. Will see how the rest of the month progresses!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Last week of July and pushing towards some finished projects

I have a few flimsies from last winter as well as last summer to get quilted and can then feel less guilty about playing with all my 'new' ideas for projects. 

I had a lovely stash of purple strings and certainly it is the colour that I must have used the most in the past years of quilting as it is a massive pile!
And I have been stitching away on my rainbow string blocks.  Only turquoise blocks left to do although I do have a bag of strings of black prints and another of neutrals.  I don't don't think those will go into this project.
I have quilted a Quilt of Valour for Debbie D in my guild and it is bound and already delivered to a deserving military veteran.
And quilted a QOV slab block quilt for a quilter who asked me to put Sew Sisters from Kelowna on the label. 
At a Modern guild sew in on Saturday, I finished up joining these beach ball blocks that I had made last winter so another awaits quilting and binding.
And then the Yahoo Heartstrings group sent a post of this project using 2.5" strips and you know, I seem to have a lot of those waiting to be used.
And am playing with my rainbow strings and adding a sashing and cornerstone to my blocks even though I don't have any of the turquoise ones made yet!
And while at the sew in, my buddy BB was working on a quilt for hospice made from this block.  It uses two cake plate (10" squares) and so of course, had to dig out a set of plates and make a sample.
Two quilts are quilted and ready for binding.  Great tv project especially since the nights are getting darker earlier!
And this one is finished! Villa Rosa pattern: King's ransom

And my quilt made from Downton Abbey fabrics, started last summer, is next on the list for quilting. 

So, back to the ironing board and the sewing machine.  We have hot weather for the next few days so a good time to hide downstairs and accomplish what I can before the end of the month and hopefully cross a few projects off my list - though you know I am always more.  The list will never end!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

A good first week in July

I don't have a lot of 'finishes' but have been having fun with strings and really think that I am almost done organizing them.  Today I vacuumed and have my sitting area all tidy and clean and free of threads.
I have made some more string blocks as well.

 I quilted and bound my one of my Quilt of Valour string quilts.

And I quilted and bound these maple leaves.  The top was made by Darlene H. and she gave it to me to finish up for her.  It is a donation to Quilts of Valour.
And yesterday I played and made this fabric containers.  The modern guild that I belong to is going to have a swap and so I practiced the pattern so that I would know what I am doing when I stitch one up for another quilter in the guild.
This quilt is now pieced and ready for quilting.  It is my second strip star for Quilts of Valour.  A friend made one of these and she put sashing between the blocks and I think it looks much better and less 'busy' so IF I make another one, I will try that Once it is finished, I think I need to work on some projects that are in progress... blocks waiting to be put into a quilt!
Too many UFO's!

Monday, July 3, 2017

Machines are humming but finishes are slow.

My various machines have been humming along but I haven't got many finishes to show for my efforts.The quilt pictured above is waiting to be quilted.  The backing is ready and the batting is cut.  This was donated to Quilts of Valour at the Abbotsford quilt guild meeting by a group of quilters from Kamloops.
I did finish making blocks for another star/strip Quilt of Valour.  Am pleased that this uses up lots of strips but there are still so many more to be used!
While I was stitching these blocks, I was inspired to start sorting my scrap strips of various widths along with other leftovers from backings and binding fabrics and decided to sort by colour.  This is a work in progress but I managed to pull out all the yellows and make blocks.

The blocks were made as sort of a leader/ender project while making star blocks.  I made seven yellow blocks and then moved onto blue.

The best part of last week was FINALLY finishing my Kinderbell summer table runner.  It had been completed right up to the point of adding the embellishments: ruching for the watermelon rind, embroidery and the ric-rac trim.  Well, happy to say, the runner is finished and ready for my window well in the stairway once my Canada Day decor items are put away.
And, I did make a couple of small projects for Canada Day.
Plus, I got my Sew-Sisters blocks done in June.
I really enjoyed the Fraser Valley quilt guild's show.  They put on a fabulous display of quilts and it was a fun morning.  They used Canada's 150th birthday celebration as their theme and they set up a lovely display as we entered the building.

If I can my bindings finished on quilts that I have recently quilted - then there will be more finishes to show!  Right now, back to working on sorting these scrappy strips!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Summer Solstice today

I am still really frustrated trying to figure out how to easily upload pictures to this blog.  I have no idea where they go when I upload so am now trying to upload from my phone and will see how this works.
This is a finish off my list that I had in an earlier blog post.  Number 11 - Latin Lady by Villa Rosa.

1. 150 women's blocks - am done making them
2. Solstice challenge (needs to be assembled, blocks are all made!)
3. Sew sisters blocks for Canada's birthday
4. Quilt of valour blocks using slabs
5. Brown 9 patches - DONE
6. Beach bingo blocks from Jolly Bars
7. Downton Abbey quilt Blueberry hill pattern (borders added, ready for quilting)
8. Red and Gray blocks
9. Ohio star blocks
10. King's ransom bright florals
11. Latin Lady using gray grunge
12. Busy Bee with bobby pin fabric
13. Melinda Jo with florals and white background
14. Limelight with gold strips/turquoise
15. Honey bouquet with fabric like paint by number
16. Offset, top from kit from Connecting Threads
17. Maple leaf quilt for QOV
18. Sewing themed blocks
19. Zoe's triangles
20. 16 patch blues/purples 

Honey Bouquet, another Villa Rosa pattern is finished.

We Care kit for the guild is finished but this wasn't on the above list.  I also finished my brown nine patches but the picture is elusive!
HA!  Found it.
And also have my Quilts of Valour Slab block quilt finished.

Am continuing to work with 2.5" strips and making strip sets and now am using a Missouri Star idea for changing my slabs into star blocks.
My quilting group that meets on Wednesday celebrated us with June birthdays and this was my fabulous fabric that I cam home with.
So, moving along slowly with getting some projects finished, but of course, also starting new ones! I have four of my finish it up projects done and have been working on getting backings ready for some of these quilts.