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Monday, July 29, 2013

End of the month - already!

This cute Patchabilities wall hanging of our Canadian flag is ready for next July 1st.  I think it needs some stipple quilting in the background to make the flag pop out a bit.  Looks a bit flat.  My border might have been a poor choice, competes with the flag?

On Saturday, I spent the morning with some quilters from the Fraser Valley Modern Quilt Guild and we put together a quilt top and backing for a signature guild quilt for them to take to the gathering of modern guilds in Portland next month.  I did not sew but I trimmed blocks and put them on the design wall. 

And finally, this is what is currently on my design wall.  This kit jumped out at me during a visit to the vendor's mall at the Fraser Valley guild quilt show in June.  It is a kit from Hamel's in Chilliwack.

Friday, July 19, 2013

My week and Sunday Morning Quilts

These are more slab blocks to give to Cheryl to take back to Calgary after our workshop.  She will get together with some friends and turn them into finished quilts for flood victims. 

On Sunday, I taught a class and made this table topper as my class sample.

A friend gave me a cake plate and asked me to create a quilt top to send to Calgary for flood victims so it is now on its way. 

I attended a class today taught by Cheryl Arkison, author of Sunday Morning quilts.  This is her quilt and it was really neat to see it up close and in person. 

My red slab blocks and one purple block.  I wasn't too keen on making this quilt until the class today and now I might just rethink that and get busy and make more blocks in other colours.  The quilt is called the missing 'u' because in her book, she had to remove the 'u' from colour and favourite and other words that we use that letter in but the U.S. doesn't!
Some of what we had accomplished by early afternoon.
Now, I have to put all my stuff away!  UGH!! 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

A lack of sewing time

My husband left on a fishing trip and you would think that would give me lots of extra time for bonding with my sewing machine.  No!  I had watering to do.  He planted an extensive vegetable garden, has flowers all over the back and front yard.  I cut grass and did some weeding as well.  His pretty weeds that were flowering are gone.  And the freezer got emptied, defrosted and reorganized in readiness for his return with a cooler full of salmon, halibut and cod.  He didn't disappoint me but another day was spent in packaging the fish and using my vacuum sealer, labelling and again, keeping my freezer organized.  Of course, as soon as he roots through it looking for something, all will be chaos once more. 

I did manage to make some more of the slab blocks for Calgary.  Am taking a class with Sheryl Arkinson tomorrow and she is the author of the book, Sunday Morning Quilts and is willing to put the slabs into quilts for donation to the flood victims. 

We are making these blocks in the class tomorrow and I was a bit concerned that I have already practised by making lots of them but I know that I will learn something new and I will take red and purple fabrics with me and make more blocks to donate to Calgary.... or, maybe start a quilt for me from them? 

I did teach a class this past weekend on this cute table topper.  I seem to have enough table runners but can use more toppers so this was perfect for my tv room end table. A lot of channel quilting on this and I used my Pfaff machine that I cursed the entire time.  I totally detest this machine but needed it for the appliqué.  If anyone wants my machine and thinks they can get it to work, make me an offer!  I love Pfaff... but not this machine.  It is not my friend.

I have a quilt on my design wall made from a layer cake that will be a top that will get donated to the Calgary flood victims.  A friend gave me the Holly Taylor cake plate set and asked if I could piece a top to hand in on Friday and I made something quick and simple so it would be done by today.  

Am also working on a kit I bought from Hamel's quilt shop at the Fraser Valley Quilt show in June and am determined to have the top pieced before the end of July... in keeping with my new rule that any kits purchased must be stitched up immediately!  No adding to the UFO bin allowed. 

And then there is my fifty shades of gray challenge... am thinking... looking at ideas.... just need to do it. 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Preemie challenge done and working on blocks for Alberta flood victims

The last of the preemies I challenged myself to make for the special care unit at our local hospital.  All for little boys!  All my kids' fabrics are put away for now. 

These are the blocks I am making to send to Alberta.  I am working on some yellow blocks and picture will follow eventually.

This is the quilt I made that was leftover from the iron quilters challenge.  We had each cut a kit not knowing what the special fabric would be that we had to incorporate and the red that we were given didn't quite work with these fabrics.  The sashing is jelly bean fabric, hard to see in the picture.

My quilt that I made for our guild's summer challenge.  Yes, it is another preemie, using the same pattern as some of the others I made. 

.  Am happy that I finally posted in July!