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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Mid December

Once again, story of my life, quilting is taking a back seat to playing tennis and being social at our winter home in Arizona.
Here we are waiting for the annual Christmas parade.  Of course, good friend Darlene, provided yummy appetizers and there was plenty of wine and beer.  We had planned on hot chocolate and peppermint schnaps but it was much too warm.  Didn't need a jacket!

The mug rug swap for December found this lovely one from Sue in Colorado in my mailbox.

And, this is the one I made to send to Laura in CA.

Then, the inevitable happened.  My name came up at the top of the list in my UFO group.  UGH.  I had my previous quilt blocks on my design wall and stared at them for almost a month and nothing jumped out at me to try for a setting.  So, I took them down and pulled out some Christmas blocks that are so old I haven't a clue which swap or with which group they are from.  Will guess Quilter's Funtalk?  But maybe or maybe not.  No names on any of them.  But, when I put them on the wall and checked measurements, some were not 12½" inches and I knew I had to do something so I could square them up.  I added a red border around some and a green border around the rest.  All the fabrics I used were from my stash that I have here... most of my Christmas fabrics are fat quarters and that wasn't going to work but found enough of two fabrics that worked well together and looked ok with the blocks.  I found more fabrics to use as an inner and outer border and this is ready for me to layer, quilt and bind and be ready to abdicate the throne to the Lady in Waiting!!
I need to do some Christmas baking and this cooler weather we are having is good motivation to both bake and quilt.
This will make a nice quilt to have on the sofa to cover us should an evening be a little chilly.  Not too big but big enough!


  1. I love the mug rug. I've been trying to think of one to make for Darrin's teacher for this next week, but I've been busy on the memorial quilt I mentioned a while back on the QFT list. I finally finished it tonight so I am thinking I really like your mug rug and I am going to make one just like it for his teacher :) I was originally thinking about a hexagon background with something winter-ish applique'd on top but I'm running out of time.

    I don't recall that swap with the blocks, but I haven't participated in a swap in a very long time. Good choices on the framing fabrics!

    1. Thanks Mel. Not too sure who I swapped with... which online quilting group?

  2. Haven't been to visit your blog in awhile so thought i would come by and wish you a Merry Christmas! I read back a few posts and from the photos i can't see any thing wrong with the wonky hexagon quilt! Love all the mug rugs you have been making, too!

    1. Thanks Susan. I am very neglectful of my blog but haven't done much sewing so not much to post. Hope you had a Merry Christmas and the mug rugs are fun! Quick, simple projects that don't take much time or fabric.