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Saturday, January 17, 2015

I started a mystery that goes with Downton Abbey.... sounded like fun and this is the first block.  I happened to have a stack of Downton Abbey fat quarters although the mystery requirements use more than fat quarters of each of the fabric choices so my blocks will have lots of fabric substitutions. 
Here is the first block surround by the next block of which I had to make four.  Not a really clear pictures but you can see I am actually working on a few projects.  I need to keep up with this mystery as every Sunday, a new block design is released to coincide with the program.

The left side of my design wall has some fun blocks that I am making for a bright, modern quilt using hexagons.  Working on a few of those blocks at a time. 

And a fun Valentine's fabric basket made from instruction given to us at my Monday quilting group.

A mug rug made for February for my mug rug swap group. 
 I made another hexagon mug rug out of Valentine's fabrics as a demonstration for Sunland Stitchers.

And these blocks made over 15 years ago are finally set and ready to go home for the layering and quilting later this spring.  

This project was made from charm squares and was something I saw online last summer.  I started making it and realized that I really needed another charm pack to continue so found the fabric and have this ready for quilting. Our puppy friend Sadie, was staying with us and she was checking it out! See my Sept 27th post for the beginning of this project... not bad, only four months to get it from start to close to a finish!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

First of January 2015

At this time, I still haven't completed any new projects but have some in progress!

I did get the binding done on this donation quilt but the quilt was made by the Sunland Stitchers.  I only stitched down the binding but a cute pattern for a child's quilt and love the fabrics.

I am working on these blocks... at least 15 years old and trying to set them so the quilt ends up a decent size for donation.  I want this OFF my design wall.  It has been up there for far too long and can't use the wall for anything else until this is completed.

A mug rug for Feb arrived in my mail box yesterday from Dee in Texas.  Am diligently working on mine!

And, last but not least for today, am involved in a Downton Abbey mystery group and this is my first block.  The block instructions are released every Sunday afternoon before we see the next episode of the show.  I am on team Rose!