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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Lots of beginnings but finishes are slow to happen

I have many projects on the 'go' but am not being very successful finishing anything in a timely manner.

First, I have my Downton Abbey mystery quilt from earlier this year that is ready for binding.  It is very large so I sent it to a friend, Rosemary, to get it professionally quilted.  The binding is made.  But it is waiting...

I did manage to make some autumn placemats.  Since it is U.S. Thanksgiving this week, I thought that they would make some gifts for close friends.  They are reversible and this is my favourite way to make these.

I am also piecing some new placemats for us to use next year in October and November.  Fall seems to last a long time here... maybe it does at our other 'home' as well?

And a row by row is done.  This one from Vancouver WA.  Was easy enough to make but not impressed with the shop.  They didn't include enough fabric to make the row 'deep' enough.  It was long enough but only 6.5" long... and should be 9.5" so had to scrounge in my stash to find something to add a border. 

And, I have an autumnal table runner as an ongoing project.  My friend Trish should be impressed that I made striped bias binding for this.  And I was challenged with making the vines for the appliqué using bias strips.  I don't have any bias bars here but managed ok.  Just need to finish up the binding as I do have this quilted. 

And a simple quilt is waiting for me to get it quilted.  I did NOT make this quilt.  It was made by the quilters here in Sunland Village and I offered to quilt and bind it.  Hopefully will find time this weekend to get this done and turned back in for donation. 

Of course, I also have blocks in progress for my latest Villa Rosa project.  More to come on that as I get blocks onto the design wall and start seeing some progress on this quilt top.

So, not much in the way of finished projects but I try to sew for a short time every day.  Some days am not successful - too much tennis or socializing or dreaded housework.  Hopefully will get my house decorated for Christmas this weekend.  And, more stitching done.  And, more handwork done so some bindings will be finished and that means finished projects!  And then, I can start some more! 

Happy Thanksgiving to all my U.S. friends.  Love have turkey day twice in the fall. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Early November in Arizona

The good news is that it has been less than a month since my last post.  I am happily living in my 'other' house where the sun shines and I can play tennis almost daily and am back with my great stitchers group here in the Valley of the Sun.
The bad news is that I have been slow to bond with my sewing machine.  However, I did manage to bind a quilt for donation that I brought home last week from the Stitchers and this week brought home a quilt that needs quilting and binding.  Am determined to get it done in a timely manner.
But the great news is that I did manage to quilt and bind a Hallowe'en quilt that I made last year and didn't finish for Oct 31st.  And this year I didn't get it finished in time either!  But, it is finished for Hallowe'en next year in 2016!  All ready for making my home a little more Octoberish!  (not a word, I know!)

I made a big mistake when I made this quilt.  Not too sure if the directions were poorly written or if I was just being in a 'senior' state of mind when I read the instructions but I cut the strips far too short and my quilt was long and narrow... so I added more black fabric to the sides to try to make it little more proportional.  It is done and as always, finished is better than perfect!