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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Early November in Arizona

The good news is that it has been less than a month since my last post.  I am happily living in my 'other' house where the sun shines and I can play tennis almost daily and am back with my great stitchers group here in the Valley of the Sun.
The bad news is that I have been slow to bond with my sewing machine.  However, I did manage to bind a quilt for donation that I brought home last week from the Stitchers and this week brought home a quilt that needs quilting and binding.  Am determined to get it done in a timely manner.
But the great news is that I did manage to quilt and bind a Hallowe'en quilt that I made last year and didn't finish for Oct 31st.  And this year I didn't get it finished in time either!  But, it is finished for Hallowe'en next year in 2016!  All ready for making my home a little more Octoberish!  (not a word, I know!)

I made a big mistake when I made this quilt.  Not too sure if the directions were poorly written or if I was just being in a 'senior' state of mind when I read the instructions but I cut the strips far too short and my quilt was long and narrow... so I added more black fabric to the sides to try to make it little more proportional.  It is done and as always, finished is better than perfect!


  1. Thank you! I had a lot of leftover fabric so could have made it larger IF I had read the instructions better.