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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Fraser Valley Modern guild 'finish it up" challenge

I listed all my projects that need to be finished up on the Facebook page of the Fraser Valley Modern group.  Since it is a closed group, only members can see my list but am sure you would to know just how many 'projects in sacks" (or containers) I have.

Here we go with ALL my potential projects that I would really like to finish up in the next few months!
Not so sure pictures will be in any kind of order but will try.
1. 150 women's blocks - am done making them
2. Solstice challenge
3. Sew sisters blocks for Canada's birthday
4. Quilt of valour blocks using slabs
5. Brown 9 patches
6. Beach bingo blocks from Jolly Bars
7. Downton Abbey quilt Blueberry hill pattern
8. Red and Gray blocks
9. Ohio star blocks
10. King's ransom bright florals
11. Latin Lady using gray grunge
12. Busy Bee with bobby pin fabric
13. Melinda Jo with florals and white background
14. Limelight with gold strips/turquoise
15. Honey bouquet with fabric like paint by number
16. Offset, top from kit from Connecting Threads
17. Maple leaf quilt for QOV
18. Sewing themed blocks
19. Zoe's triangles
20. 16 patch blues/purples
Wow... 20 projects, two per week would be 3 months worth!

And this is only projects that are actually started.  There are also lots of 'want to do' projects.  

They look like they might be adding in the correct order. 

I didn't make this next one but it was given to me to quilt for Quilts of Valour

And the last two are:

The rule was that the projects must be started... blocks made or in some stage of finishing not in the planning stage.  I have all of these started and some are closer to being finished than others. 

Wonder how many will get finished and how many will get ignored because I wanted to start something new?

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