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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A definate quilting funk happened

I haven't accomplished much at all in my world of quilting in the last few weeks.  I don't know what happened but, for sure, no finished projects to show you. 

Since I am in a group of quilters who keep track of completed UFO's and penalties are owed if your name comes up without a finish, I pushed myself last week to look through some of my older projects for ones that called to me to be completed.  My name is getting close to the top of the list so the push is on. 

I found three ufos' that were quite ancient: a flannel panel with a lovely flannel backing that would be quick and easy, a pre-pieced quilt top of Moda fabrics, am guessing Paris in Fleamarket which means it is ancient, and a table runner from a class I taught last October.  All three got layered and quilted in the last few days and are awaiting binding. 

And I managed to finally make a purse using grommets.  My grommets were too large according to the pattern requirements but I used them anyway and now that I have made one, am quite keen to make another.  This is made from my batik strips I cut earlier this year, using my stash.  Hopefully a quilt will get made from the stash strips as well. 

I sort of got waylaid for a bit due to a nasty accident while playing pickleball a week ago.  Am stuck at home, more or less, so good time to work on these projects.  If you don't know what pickleball is, I suggest you google it to find out. 

And, while I am hobbling around, I managed to layer and prepare more quilt tops for quilting.  They are patiently waiting their turn.  Some of them are for Quilts of Valour and were tops given to me by a member of our guild.  The bottom one is a top I pieced over the last few weeks while I felt like I wasn't accomplishing anything! 

Which brings me to my challenge for this summer from the Sunland Stitchers.  The 50 shades of gray challenge!  I have spent the last four months printing off ideas, tearing pictures out of quilt magazines, shopping for fabrics that might go with my grays and just couldn't seem to make a decision.  At the last modern guild quilt meeting, I won a charm package of Moda fabrics that worked with my gray's perfectly!!  And it turned out that I had some of the fabrics in yardage as well.  So, it was meant to be.  One of my inspiration pictures was shown as a quilt at the same meeting and it really spoke to me so I took the plunge and this is what I am playing with.  There are some other arrangements I might try and see what really appeals to me as my final choice. 

The fabulous neighbourhood I live in has some great wildlife that comes to visit.  This was taken from my front porch on Sunday.

Hopefully,  I will have some completely finished quilts, including some ufo's and Quilts of Valour to take pictures of in the next week and I won't be missing in action quite as long. 

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