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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Belated but not forgotten

Oh my goodness.  Quilting hasn't been happening in my life for the last few weeks but am keen to get going on all the tops that I made during the winter.  I have 18 projects to quilt and a long list of kits and projects that I want to make! 

I rearranged my sewing space so that I can watch tv while sewing.  I got hooked on the Downton Abbey series and have just completed watching series one and two.  Am waiting for series three from the local library. 

So far I have finished some thread catchers to be given to my Quilt Diva friends on their birthdays.  And, I finished a young UFO.  The baby quilt was made from leftovers from my hexagon quilt I made last summer.  I found some matching fabric in my 'other' sewing in my winter home and put the top together. 

It is a beginning.  I have lots to work on over the next month or two.  The Abbotsford quilt show is coming up in early June and many of my quilt tops have been entered in the show so I need to get them finished! 

Finally success in posting pictures.  I have no idea what the problem is/was but switched to my laptop and it all worked just fine when I uploaded the pictures. 

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