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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Haven't been motivated but maybe my mojo is coming back.

I have been doing nothing... well, no sewing it seems.  My dh had a bit of a health scare (he got dehydrated which messed up his kidney function and his blood pressure) but that seems to be back on track and so I can go back it ignoring his health... not really, but it isn't at the front of my thinking 24/7. 
I have been working on preemie quilts for the Special Care nursery at our local hospital.  That is one of the charity places that is near and dear to my heart.  And I had charms.  Plus, I cut charms and then I got busy.  Am always inspired by the Needle and I in Burnaby.

The tops got pieced and spray basted with flannel backing.

That project so far had taken about a month!!  Felt like forever... or longer.

Today, all six quilts got quilted. 

And then I pulled out fabrics for fun bindings and cut and pressed. 

And now I will sit and stitch bindings and then they will get added to the quilts and I will have some hand stitching to do while watching tv (though that is certainly the pits these days with very few shows that I absolutely 'have' to see). 

Hopefully, by the weekend, I will have some finished quilts to donate and can then move onto something new, different and fun though I do have a few tops that could be quilted and bound when the preemie quilts are finished. 

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