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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Happy Father's Day

My husband's idea of a perfect Father's Day is a day to be lazy and snooze, read and maybe some sports on TV.  It has warmed up here so I am getting organized for some time in my cool basement, quilting some tops I have prepared the backing and batting for.

 Here is a stack of 5 quilts waiting patiently
I also finished a Quilt of Valour that is a sample of the hug block packages I have for sale.  I still need to put the labels back on the blocks so quilters can see which block matches the names.
And I made a cute little wine bottle cover and might just make more of these.  Would be funky in Happy Birthday fabric and others that convey a message when you gift someone with a bottle of their favourite wine. This was a cute kit from Wineberries that I picked up at CQA.
I am working on another Quilt of Valour from our Wednesday Diva group using Happy Blocks.
And I have my block for June done for my Quilter's Planner quilt.  And pulled out my fabrics to make the July and August block.  The July block looks like it is more difficult because of the sizes that they want the squares cut.  I will persevere!

A blue and yellow quilt has been quilted and bound!  This is a log cabin that I didn't construct as per the pattern instructions.  Read what I was supposed to do after I had done it differently.
I have the backing for my village prepared but still need to cut the batting.  Am thinking, that since this will be for ME, I will use bamboo batting?  I have a little left on the bolt and might just be enough? 
And a stack of blocks for Canada Stitches - first responders attending Can Praxis camps for PTSD that were made by the guild and by my Wednesday group.  They will get packaged and mailed off this week.  Love promoting and making blocks and then mailing them off... no stitching blocks to make a top, no quilting, no binding, no batting and no backing.
I have one more quilt that I have quilted and am in the process of stitching down the binding and more happy blocks to put together for the quilt above.  And now, with no excuses and hot weather this week, time to get quilting! 
Later this week marks the beginning of summer.  I am ready though being light at 3:30am isn't my preference and not sure how all my Alaskans friends handle that but I do love it being light out until 10pm at night. 

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