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Friday, September 6, 2013

Fallish Friday

The weather this week is putting me in the mood for autumn and while it officially doesn't start for another 17 days I must admit I have been putting away tank tops, shorts and replacing them with longer pants and long sleeve shirts in my closet.

I also made a massive pile of tshirts for the eventual t-shirt quilt I want to make.  Anything that was too large for me, was really old and had a quilting or sewing theme went into the pile for a future quilt.

In the meantime, wallhangings and table runners are being changed from summer to autumn.  I can't help it, the rain is making me do it along with the darker mornings and the light, bright summer weather gone earlier in the evening. 

My current work in progress is this funky quilt made from a jelly roll and some white/cream fabric that I think was given to me via Bonnie?

 And I made a name tag for my Modern Quilt guild meetings.

This is a quilt that was a top given to me by Myra and I have quilted and bound it for a donation to Quilts of Valour. 



  1. There was a t-shirt quilt at the fair last week. I listened to some people who were looking at it. They discussed how one of the husbands should have his t-shirts (I think from running) made into a quilt.

  2. There are lots of ideas for t-shirt quilts 'out there'. I just need to get at them and start cutting and sewing.