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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Slowly, very slowy, returning to my 'real' life.

I endured a long three weeks of looking after grandchildren as well as worrying about our daughter who has an antibiotic resistant staph infection and our other daughter who decided that taking her meds for schizophrenia wasn't working for her.  Just watched a segment on 60 Minutes on the mentally ill and our daughter fits the profiles perfectly.  So sad but there just isn't a solution but at least she gets good care in the community she lives in and has a social worker who keeps an eye on her.
My grandchildren have relocated to a new community and am hoping that they will have a really good home to live in and two relatives who are willing to be awesome parents.  Those kids deserve a good life. 

This was taken after a pj day at daycare and then haircuts.  Hard to get a decent picture of these two! 
I have got my hexagon kid's quilt put together. 
And today I worked on my modern quilt guild challenge.  We had six fat quarters to work with but I discarded one that was very linen like as it didn't feel right for a quilt. This is what I was left with.

Since I need to get this challenge pieced, quilted and bound in the next couple of weeks, I went ahead with a super simple idea using a method for hst's that I demonstrated at the Abbotsford guild meeting a few weeks ago. 
This is what is now on my design wall.

So, need to join my blocks, get it layered... decide on a quilting method and finish it up! 


  1. surely an interesting zigzag quilt there carolyn! I do like 'ripples' but maybe in crochet, which seems to be what my passion has turned to, since my sewing machine is 'out of order'... Sorry to hear of the trials and tribulations, but eventually things even out and you do have ARIZONA! Always best thoughts going out to you!

  2. Thanks Susan. I used a different way of making the hsts... always willing to try something new once.
    And yes, Arizona is calling my name and can't wait to 'escape' to my other house where the sun always shines!