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Sunday, September 22, 2013

The binding is done.

No sewing happening here.  I have been living in another community all last week, looking after two of my grandchildren.  One daughter, the one with custody of these kids, has been in hospital with a staph infection that is antibiotic resistant and very ill though now, finally, she is starting to recover.  Her kidneys have the infection attached to them (maybe just one kidney?) and she has sores on her head that have to be dressed every few hours. 
The other daughter... she is back in the pysch ward because she hasn't been taking her meds for her schizophrenia. 
So no sewing for Mom/Grandma.  I did get a break this weekend and was able to come home and relax a bit, turn on my sewing machine and generally regroup.  Tomorrow, the duties of Grandma resumes.... should be easier since I ran around town last week getting the kid's medical issues dealt with.  School needs an epi pen and asthma meds in their medical room.  My granddaughter has excema and needed to attend an appointment and of course, various trips to the drugstore to fill prescriptions, buy school supplies and generally get their life organized. 
Hopefully, things will be sorted by next weekend or sooner if I get lucky and my life will resume as I know it.
Can't wait to get to my house in AZ!  Counting the days.  Love to help out but my kids live a completely disorganized life and I like order and logic to my days. 

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