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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Working towards my goal

I have a goal of making ten preemie quilts for the special care nursery at our local hospital and there seems to be a lot of wee baby boys being born and we know that dad's don't want a pink quilt for their little hero.  So, blue preemies it is!  The first quilt I can't you anything about .... yet.  But this time next week, I will explain the quilt.

Here is preemie #1.  Quilted and bound.  These finish up quickly once you have them made.

This quilt was a result of info from Sue in Colorado who showed us how to sew blocks in straight rows and then cut to create the diagonal effect.  I just had to add a couple of borders to get it to preemie size.
Preemie #2

And preemie #3.  These are all made from my stash of 'boy' fabrics though I did buy some accessorie/supporting role fabrics at a great sale at Countryfolk a few weeks ago.  Wish I had bought more blue for borders but am making what I have on hand work.
More to come, keep watching! 

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