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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Wow, one third of the way through the month

I haven't posted for awhile but let me catch you up on what I have been working on.  The first are some blocks that we have been playing with.  I can't tell you why yet but in a week or two, there will be more pictures and an explanation.  

I seem to have two of my grandsons EVERY weekend... which is ok except they are used to Grandma doing lots of special stuff with and for them and am running out of ideas and it is taking up all my weekends.  This was a batch of flubber slime which gave them a few hours of entertainment though a major mess to clean up once they were done. 

The guild I belong to donates quilts to the preemie ward, Special care nursery, at our local hospital and they are low on quilts for little boys so I decided to switch from Quilts of Valour and play with some ideas using my fabrics that I have on hand.  Some of these fabrics are ancient but have made quite a few tops.  Saw this idea online and a friend of mine is making these so good way to use strips.

Another idea using strips of various widths.

This is nothing to do with preemies but, saw this on a blog this morning and played with the idea. 

Another preemie quilt ready for quilting. I spent time today piecing a lot of my batting pieces together to get them large enough for these small quilts.

 I made three of this particular pattern.  Once you get going, it is easy to continue until you are bored.
 Seems quite bright but will be cheery for wee baby.

This was a funky way of using squares and stitching up a rectangle that was explained to me by an online quilting friend.  I will make more of these although it is hard to get the quilt to the required size of 30 x 36. 

I have all my backings and battings ready and next step will be to spend an afternoon layering and getting ready to quilt. 


  1. Excellent stack of quilts, Carolyn! I need the inspiration! I have been so bogged down and into myself lately and I know if I just get with cutting and piecing I can brighten up someone's corner, if not my own...

  2. Penny told me that once you get going on preemies, have the formula figured out for for what size blocks, how many etc, it is easy to just keep on stitching and make a bunch of them. I set my goal at 10 and wanted to reduce the amount of fabric I had on hand for kid's quilts. Will make some girly preemies but right now, boys are my focus. We have been handing quite a few to the hospital so will help to replenish the stock on hand. Preemies go fast for the quilting and binding! It is just getting the ideas and getting your brain organized that takes the time.