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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Organization Day on a hot Sunday

A very hot day here again on the west coast where we are breaking record with high temperatures and a total lack of rain which is crazy for this part of the world.  But, it means staying inside with fans on and am looking forward to getting our a/c fixed which stopped working last summer.  Normally, we don't need a/c here but this house came with it when we moved here 4 years ago so might as well get it fixed and enjoy the coolness when it is running.  However, my excuse that it is too hot to do housework or cook will be gone!!

I have been working on organizing.  First I needed to get some pillowcases made for the Quilts of Valour that I am shipping to Edmonton in July.  So my Canadiana fabric got organized while I looked for good fabrics for the cuffs, accent strip and body of the pillowcases.

These are made and I have lots of pieces cut to make more when they are needed.

I also got involved in the row by row that is happening across the U.S. and Canada, and had fun this past week collecting a couple of license plates.  One I bought and one was a birthday gift to me from Marge.  A big thank you to her!!  These are fun.

For my birthday celebration at my Diva Quilting group, I scored a lovely stack of browns... my colour of choice for this year.  Another huge thank you to my quilting friends.

And I have a finish!  Actually two finishes this week.

First is a triangle quilt that I started last summer after I bought the kit at the Langley quilt show.  The top was finished but it needed quilting and binding so jumped in and just did it!!

The next quilt is one I started earlier this spring.  I used 5" charms cut from batiks and stitched them together... then cut a beige fabric to match the size, stitched around the perimeter, cut from corner to corner and ended up with a bunch of these squares.  I played around with them on my design wall and settled on a layout I liked and joined all my squares.  It finally got quilted this week and the binding got finished last night while watching a good movie... "The Judge".  The frustrating part about this quilt is that my batik stash doesn't seem to have diminished in the littlest bit?  How can that be? But a great idea for using up charm squares that you don't know what to do with.

And lastly, so far today, I have made some labels for all my Quilts of Valour donations and have them pinned to the quilts to hand stitch them on... again, in readiness for sending off quilts to Edmonton for distribution to soldiers in need of a hug.  A big thank you to all my friends who are offering to take quilts when they drive to Edmonton, saving us lots of money on shipping the quilts... these darn things are heavy!


  1. Great job on all your finishes! The triangle quilt is really fun and modern looking, and the batiks are beautiful. Isn't it funny how using scraps seems to make the scrap pile grow instead of ever getting any smaller? lol

    1. Yes Nan, my scraps are overflowing! Am determined to use some of them up but they don't diminish!