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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Still working away on these quilts that need finishing.

I finished my Darcey Quilt by Villa Rosa Designs.  I made it wider and longer than the pattern so that it is a more useful size for donation.

And my Pow Wow quilt by Cluck, Cluck, Sew, Sew Designs is also finished... quilted and bound. 

This is a project that I started two years ago in Arizona and lost the pattern!  It must be here in Canada but haven't come across it so had to order a new one.  The kit for the pattern was purchased from Connecting Threads in 2013.

I am making more St. Louis 16 patch blocks and a friend wanted some visual instructions so here we go.
I started with a dark and a light fat quarter of fabrics.  Pressed and starched them and then cut them into four 4" strips each.

The dark and light strips are stitched together and you make a unit of four strips with two dark, two light, alternating the colours.

Press them with seam allowances towards the dark fabrics and lay one block on top of the other with a light strip on a dark strip.  Line the seams up on top of each other so they nest together.  Cut more strips at 4".  You need four from each set to make a total of of four pairs. 

Stitch these together to create the 16 patch block and you will get two blocks from two fat quarters.  This also works with quarter yard(meter) cuts of fabrics... cut the entire width of fabric 4" wide and then you can decide if you want to cut those in half lengthwise or leave them long and stitch your seams for the first step.

Finished blocks.
These are a nice size block work with. If you are using Canadian fat quarters, you can increase your strip width to 4½" that you cut, and do the second cut the same width and you will use more of your fat quarter, less waste! But make sure of the size of your fat quarters before you start because one U.S. fat quarter in the mix and you might find yourself short of fabric in one direction.  You don't need that kind of surprise!


  1. I love that 16 patch....can't wait to try it when we get back home. I like the Darcy and Pow Wow quilts too.
    NancyB in AZ

  2. All really easy projects though I must say that the 16 patch doesn't seem to make much of a dent in my stash of fabrics! I like it because I you can use fat quarters or cut two 4" strips off the width of fabric to make the block.