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Friday, September 2, 2016

Welcome September and autumnal weather

I was reading a blog this morning that a friend of mine from Mesa writes... Tu-Na quilts and she linked up to another blog that was sharing pictures of sewing spaces/studios.  I had planned to tidy up and organize since it is first of September and back to school and weather has turned drastically cooler and wetter.  So, it seemed fitting to spend the day tidying but it ended up being mostly cleaning.  The dust was thick in places.  But some things just needed to be put away and lists written for projects I want to complete in the next few weeks.
Then I logged onto my computer and saw a post by the Crafty Quilter... Julie Cefalu and she was working on cleaning up her sewing space and I thought wow... must be the thing to do! 

So here is the finished result.  I look at the pictures and it still looks cluttered but it really is organized!  I know where everything is and compared to before I started, it is absolutely awesome!

This is what I see from my sewing space and this is where I spent too much time.  If I spent less time in this chair and more time in the chair at my sewing machine, I would be more productive!  To my left is my television in case I have to watch something important while I am sewing.  I sew in the 'quiet' mostly.  Probably because of my years teaching Home Ec where I was surrounded by noise all day long.
 I have a Quilt of Valour project sitting on my sewing machine waiting to be stitched and on the other machine a project that is a UFO and is almost done.  Just waiting for the binding to be stitched on.
 I have a white board on the wall that I write my current projects on so I can feel good when I can cross them off the list.
Looking from my computer chair towards the rest of the room.  This is a walk out basement with loads of windows and a sliding glass door so it is bright with a view of Mt. Baker. This is really unusual for my design wall to be empty!   I have two machines set up and I have two cutting areas.  I like baskets for my projects.  The basket under the ironing board has 'to do' projects and the other basket has fabric that needs to be put away, back with the fabric stack it matches.  I have sink and my kettle and always a pot of tea that has been brewed plus a microwave to heat up my tea when it has cooled off.  And lots of sticky things on the cupboards that hold notes... more ideas and things to remember.

This is my 'bunker'.  My underground sewing storage space that also houses the B-line for the summer months.  I have all my various projects and fabrics organized in labelled containers and can usually find what I am looking for fairly quickly.  I cannot stand having to look for things that I know I have somewhere!

And this is my fabric storage closet that has fabrics that are categorized by colour.  In my bunker, fabric is organized by type: batiks, quilts of valour, landscapes, kids, flannel, backings but this closet has stacks of neatly folded fabric in stacks of matching colours.  On the bottom is a container of 'sewing themed' fabrics and a container of black prints.  Even though I use up fabric, the stacks never seem to lessen in height. 
I just realized that I didn't take a picture of my storage of my wall hangings and my finished quilts... will do that another day.  My camera memory card is full and I really need to go through and do some deleting! 
So this is where I hide most afternoons.  I am either sitting at my computer, at a sewing machine or am using the B-line or cutting out my next project.  I didn't show you those either!  Lots of new projects!


  1. Your "bunker"! That made me laugh :) I really like the white board idea and am totally stealing it for my sewing space. Thanks for letting me peek into your studio, um, bunker.

    1. My white board is a 'peel and stick' one that I bought at Staples and I love it. Didn't need to hang it and it is totally flat against the wall.

  2. What a bright, big happy place in which to quilt! Thanks so much for sharing. I too really like the white board idea. There's something so satisfying about crossing things off a list!

    1. That is totally satisfying to cross things off! Plus, when I feel frustrated or not sure what to do next, I look at the board and it centers me.

  3. white board? I missed that, I have to go reread....Ok. Great idea! I am so glad you joined the linky party. I too laughed at the "bunker" label. Just curious..what is a B-line? Karen

    1. B-line is a home quilting system that I share with a good friend. It lives at my house in the summer and her house in the winter. I will take a picture in my post.