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Friday, September 8, 2017

One week into September and weather changed!

We have rain... badly needed and not nearly enough but the ground is wet.  Sadly, the air is still full of smoke but we opened our doors and windows to lovely 70º/20º temperatures.  Air feels damp but much better than living with the a/c running and too hot to be outside except for much needed watering of veggies and flowers.

 My sashed rainbow string got quilted and bound and ready for donation though not sure where I send this one.
 Modern Tykes was a kit I purchased in March from a quilt booth Quincy's at the March sewing show. Quilted and bound.  I think this will go to Peardonville House, a rehab center for women who can have their pre school age children living with them in residence.
 I dug out a bag of triangles that were destined in 2014 for a quilt named Zoe's triangles.  I thought at the time that it was a boring project to stitch all those zillion triangles together so I had stitched some into triangles, some into octagons and had separated out the pinks and the blues.  Trying to figure out what I was thinking 3 years isn't that easy!  I ended up making one preemie pink, one preemie blue quilt and the leftover triangles are in a third quilt which will be larger.  I also have my confetti triangles quilt for a girl in this pile.  Three preemie quilts, layered and ready for quilting.

 My 150 women's blocks are put together but I need an inner border and outer border to finish the blocks off and make the quilt the final size that I prefer.  This will be a quilt for me and I have the info to read about each woman that inspired the blocks. It is so close to being a finished flimsy!  Hopefully this week?
 This is my Zoe third triangle quilt.  My Wednesday Diva quilting group looked at the top this week and decided that the size was too odd to be useful for a kid's quilt and not quite large enough for an adult so their solution was to add border(s) to get it to a useful size for Quilts of Valour or some other place for donation.  So borders are cut and waiting in line to be stitched up.
This is my project that I am getting up from my computer chair to work on.  Quilts of Valour released some new blocks for the hugs across Canada quilts.  Blocks are made using the fabric from Northcott's Oh Canada line and they are sent in to a central location in Edmonton.  From there, they get sorted into sets of 30 to be turned into finished quilts.  Each quilt, when completed, will contain blocks made by a variety of quilters from across the country... provinces and territories and will then be presented to an injured Canadian Armed Forces member or veteran to give them a quilted hug as a thank you for serving our country.  I need to make up one of each block as a sample and then cut kits from the fabrics so that on Tuesday at our guild meeting, I can offer up packages for sale for quilters to make a block (or two or three) and contribute to this cause.  I am hoping they will be keen to make one of the new blocks available.
This is the hug block quilt that I put together last year from blocks that were made by quilters across the country. 
So, am hoping by this time next week, I will have completed a few more projects on my "to-do" list!  And am also wishing for a little more rain in the next day or two to soak the ground thoroughly before we return to our typical September weather.  Am going to love the cooler temperatures for sleeping overnight!

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