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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Will it rain?

The weather is getting cooler and darker and rain is predicted.  Much needed rain even though I much prefer sunshine.  Our air quality is awful with the smoke from forest fires sitting in the valley and the ground is bone dry after a very long, dry, hot summer. 
Rain is ok for a few days.  I have a long list of projects: some I have been working on and a bonus stack of quilt tops that have arrived from Canadian Quilters Association that are left over from the drive for quilts for Ronald MacDonald house this past spring.  The modern guild I belong to offered to take some of the leftover quilt tops and get them finished and we can donate them to wherever we like.  The organizer sorted out the tops that looked like potential Quilts of Valour and gave them to me.  Thank you Jean but it has now made my list of projects much longer!!

These are some of the quilts... the ones on my sewing table need borders added to make the quilts large enough... most of them need another 10" all around and I just happened to have some of the fabrics that are in the quilts so am adding!  The top two are waiting for me to cut and stitch the backings for them.  Their size was perfect.

This one will get quilted next.  I have the backing ready, need to cut the batting and get it loaded!  Would like all the quilts that I have for QOVC finished before mid October so that gives me a month to get to work.
Two more quilts waiting for quilting.  My Canada 150 blocks are put together and sashing/border added.  The other is another quilt from Quilt Canada and there is one of mine in that stack as well. 
The B-line is going to be busy!
A finished quilt. These were string blocks from this summer that are now quilted and bound into a quilt ready for donation. 
I did the binding on this quilt.  I did NOT make the quilt.  The blocks were made by various members of one of the guilds I belong to and stitched together by someone, then quilted by another member and I did the binding.  Silly me hung the quilt upside down and didn't notice until I looked on my camera later.  The center block is actually one I made even though the theme was pastel, I obviously didn't think about that.  Nice that the block got included anyway. 
I did get all my blocks made for guild meeting this past week and had them on my portable design wall so that guild members could purchase kits to make blocks and identify which ones they wanted by the names.  Now I need to sash the blocks and add them to my sampler of hug blocks available in kit form to contribute to the cause.  It will happen... one day?
And of course, yesterday was jelly roll day.  Quilters were being encourage to stitch something with their jelly rolls.  I combined an idea from Missouri Star (the layout and hsts)  along with the method from Fat Quarter Shop to come up with my blocks.  Now I need to stitch more of the jelly rolls together to get an assortment of choices to go around my center hst.  And, need to make more hsts!
Just what I need, another project! 
This was my white board BEFORE Thursday night, when I was handed all these fabulous quilt tops to finish for QOVC.  Some of these are just waiting for binding to be finished.  And I have a stack of quilts to label for donation to the fire quilt collection as well as some QOVC labels to put on quilts that have been donated. 
So, back to stitching!  And listening to the rain... a happy sound though I might not think so in a few days if it continues too long. 

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