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Sunday, November 12, 2017

FINALLY... bonding with my Janome 6600

We are in our winter home.  Oranges and grapefruit are growing and pomegranates are ready.  The bouganvilla is blooming as are the lantana.  Our palm trees are getting really big... hard to believe that the two of those fit into the back of our vehicle six years ago! 

Now that the basics have been taken care of (sort of... some windows still need washing) and we have groceries and have played lots of tennis, and temperatures have cooled somewhat to high twenties/low thirties during the afternoon, it is time to sew!!

I was in a "tea" swap many years ago and gave up on ever getting my blocks returned to me.  But, through a series of events, a package arrived in my mailbox from Susan in Florida.  I think these blocks will go home where I have an assortment of 'tea' fabrics that I collected at the time.  Am sure my Wednesday Divas will have some brilliant ideas to help me figure out what to do with these.
And, this is a really old UFO I dug out of my bin that is here.  I know I cut these blocks at least seven years ago!  And have looked at this a few times and put it away again.  The time is now to work to on these.  This is a Cozy quilt shop pattern and the fabrics are ancient!
These are some blocks I decided to make after the pattern arrived "free" in my inbox this week and I had a jelly roll of Free Spirit Fabrics that I decided to use and play with the block.  Easy but perhaps a little boring so working on two projects at once to keep me on my toes!

Am busy with tennis but happy to have some sewing time happening. 

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