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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

More tennis and less quilting

The weather has been unusually warm here in Arizona and temperatures are 10ºF higher than the normal average.  Thus, more time has been spent outside, playing, having fun and staying fit than sitting at my machine and using the iron.  Most evenings I am too tired to contemplate moving from my lazy boy!
This quilt top got finished to this stage.  I think it needs another floral outer border and will check my stash of floral fabrics at my other home and find one that will 'work' to finish this off and make it a decent size for donation.

I also got this top ready to take back home for finishing in the spring, again, will be a donation quilt.
Last summer, when perusing the quilts donated for the fire victims in BC, I saw a picture of this quilt and figured out the pattern.  It uses a jelly roll and lots of cream fabric.
I didn't figure out the math very correctly and one jelly roll actually made two quilts so I have quilt one and two ready for the next step. They look the same but the fabrics are actually varied in the two quilts.

In my October "box" from Fat Quarter shop, I had a set of Tula Pink fat quarters and a pattern for this quilt.  I started cutting and sewing and this just needs the two side borders added and it will be ready for the layering and quilting.

So, not a lot of projects finished in the last 4 weeks but, at least there is a little bit of progress.  I was hoping for a day or two of rain here in the sunny southwest so I could really accomplish some sewing but I really am glad that the weather is great for tennis.  Not so good for the air quality and dust here but eventually winter will arrive.  In the meantime, Merry Christmas to all my quilting friends.

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