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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Olympics and quilting

It amazes me how some bloggers find the time to blog daily?  I find it takes me at least 20 -30 minutes to post a blog including uploading my pictures.  Today, blogger is really slow at uploading? 

This is my current design wall.  I am, as always, working on three projects at once.  The Pow Wow quilt by Cluck Sew now has all the blocks made and am stitching on a sashing between the vertical rows and, hopefully, by this evening, the top will be a finished flimsy, ready to send back to my summer home.
I have made 40 eye spy happy blocks from a set of 10" squares plus some of my own fabrics added in.  When I get back 'home', I have a lot of kids fabrics that are perfect for adding to these blocks.
The L-7 blocks are my leaders and enders for the other projects!
I have my stack of finished happy blocks... 50 of them!
And I have cut some blue 3.5" strips for the Scrap Happy blocks for February.  I am thinking that some rail fence blocks will work.  I haven't made January's blocks yet.  The colour is lavender and purple and I do have the fat quarters and scraps pulled for those.  My vague plan is to make rail fence blocks and create some diagonal rows sort of like a rainbow?  Will see what actually happens at the end of the year! I was surprised that I don't have many purple scraps and fat quarters or small pieces of yardage here... IF I was home, that would be a different story!
Last week, I finished up my leftover daisy fabric into the Colour weave blocks but those will get put together into a top later this spring or summer.

My blue/yellow blocks got assembled, totally incorrectly but I carried on and put the blocks together into a top.  How did I  misread the directions?  So, the result is totally scrappy which is ok but not what the pattern intended.
Since I wanted to make the block correctly, I chose another stack of 10' squares and cut them up as per the pattern, (which I did with the above quilt) but took the time to read the instructions and assembled the pieces in the order which the pattern instructed me to do.
This top is put together but needs pressing so you will have to wait for the next post to see the finished project.  Looks very different and a lot more organized than the chaotic blue one!

So, have been busy with tennis and quilting and watching the Olympics.  I try to save my ripping out, drawing lines on the back of squares for half square triangles or snow ball corners for my tv time.  And can also trim blocks with my portable cutting board on my lap. 

Rooting for Canada of course but it is hard when watching US television!  The CBC Olympics app on my phone helps a bit but we are at the mercy of NBC here as to what they choose to televise. 

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