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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Finishing up before packing up and closing down.

The time of year when I am very sad.  Sad to be leaving the glorious sunshine in Arizona and heading back to the rainy west coast.  Weather here has been much cooler than normal and lovely for playing tennis and having windows open during the day and not having to run our a/c.
I got my crazy windmill blocks finished by digging through all possible sources of white prints and black fabrics in my scrap box and stash of fabric.  Not much to be found but the reds were easy. Blocks will get trimmed and assembled back at home.  There are 13 so one will be an orphan block or put on the back of the quilt. 
 A couple more of my stargazer blocks are made but the rest are packed somewhere in boxes to be mailed to my WA state address for pickup after I get home.  Fabric weighs a lot so I use the 'if it fits, it ships' boxes to save money on having an overweight suitcase.
Boxes have been taken to the post office.
Plus quilt is ready and packed in those boxes.
A new quilt started that has been a ufo for a couple of years.  It is a Villa Rosa, Portlandia and I have the top completed and ready to take home for quilting.
My green scrap blocks got done for Oh Scrap but having trouble loading the picture onto her site.
And I dug out my container of 'economy' blocks.  These were started many years ago and using scraps.  A good leader and ender project.
And so happy that all my L-7 blocks are made!
That is about all that is going to happen here.  Time to service my machine, extra oil and packaging in a heavy plastic bag so that nothing dries out during the heat of the summer months.  I also bag all my thread and have heard I should pour in some mineral oil?


  1. Your blocks and quilts are lovely. I especially like that plus one but then there's something about that windmill one that wants me to put it on my "must make" list. I've never heard about bagging the thread or sewing machine. Who told you that? Do you leave your AC on?

  2. Our a/c is set at 88. I took a class one year from a quilter from Payson and she told us to pack up our thread in ziploc bags to prevent it from drying out? And the mineral oil was something she always did because she said her thread dried out in Arizona. I always bag my printer and my sewing machine to keep them as moist as possible?

  3. I have my green string blocks from last years when the color was green. I am so far behind! My big goal is to get all my scraps, string blocks already made, find the fabric I bought for the sashing and such, and take this project to the retreat at the end of April to be my ONLY project to work on there.

  4. You got a lot done over the winter. Here's hoping your projects arrive safely at your summer address!

    1. Everything arrived safely and is now unpacked and fairly organized. Time to start layering, quilting and binding!