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Thursday, April 5, 2018

In the rain... life in the slow lane.

This is what we left behind to come home to rainy, wet, gloomy weather.

Lovely, sunny, happy yard with spring flowers just starting to look fabulous.

To be fair, we have had one or two nice days here in the Pacific northwest since returning.  But snow on the mountains and very few days where we can venture outside to the tennis court.

I have unpacked all the boxes that I sent to myself.  "If it fits, it ships' boxes are awesome.  Fabric is heavy!The quilt tops I brought home are hung and waiting to be layered, quilted and bound before they head to their various charitable destinations. The ones hanging to the right of the picture were left behind last fall, not getting finished before we headed south to the sunshine.
Before I left to come home, I had a few more "finishes".
Portlandia by Villa Rosa is a top.
And my green strip blocks for March were completed for the Rainbow Challenge.
My windmill blocks were completed but not put together.
And here they are on my design wall here at home... needing to be rearranged and stitched together.
And two more stargazer blocks were made.
And, I have some economy blocks that I have been working on for the last few years but they haven't had much attention.  I pulled the container out and made some more blocks and went through scraps and cut a bunch  more for stitching this fall or next spring.
I have not accomplished much in the last two weeks but I did manage to get 7 small quilts spray basted and ready for quilting.  I also have put away and organized everything that was in my 'boxes'.  They are unpacked and ready for recycling.  I only leave my sewing space for 5 months but my poor memory forgets totally what I have and where it is.  I need to re-acquaint myself with what is here and where it is!
I have my yellow strips pulled out from my shelves ready for this month's rainbow challenge and I have binding fabrics for these quilts pulled as well.  But progress is slow as I work on other, more demanding projects, like income tax (ugh) and stocking the pantry and freezer.  Tennis weather will be here soon so working on some of these projects is my goal in this rainy weather.  Now, if only my health would improve.  I am suffering from mouth ulcers on my poor tongue and also vertigo?  But, good weather for napping so most afternoons, our house is calm and quiet while the two seniors that live here are comfy on the sofa or in bed for their snooze time.

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