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Thursday, April 13, 2017

  1. We  are back at our other home and have been here 3 weeks and finally I am catching up on projects and taking the time to post an update.
 These are two coasters I made this past winter and they are living in my AZ home although might be more appropriate here?
And, while in Arizona, I finished a Canadiana quilt that I had been wanting to make.  Simple but great way I thought to use the panels that feature various Canadian cities.
My first priority when I got home and started sewing was to catch up on my blocks from Sew Sisters.  The patterns had been in the mail which I started having held in February because I wasn't sure when I would be home.
I have Jan, Feb and March done and April block patterns just arrived so they will get done shortly.
And am fairly current on my 150 Canadian women's blocks though still have the three from this week to tackle.  This is just the most recent blocks, the rest are in a baggie tucked away safely!
Plus my solstice blocks which are also up to date other than this week's block which was published yesterday.  I am going to redo one of the blocks that looks really wonky to me.
I have also finished four of the quilts for the Great Canadian Quilt bee sponsored by Canadian Quilting Association.  These quilts will be distributed to Ronald McDonald houses across Canada.  Every block (which are slab quilt blocks designed by Cheryl Arkison) has a piece of Canadian fabric in them.  They want 1000 quilts made and now only need 996 made by other quilters.

I have also finished my elephant baby quilt.  This was a kit that I bought from the Needle and I last summer/fall and didn't get it quilted before I left for the winter.  It is now done and ready to donate to the Abbotsford quilter's guild for their We Care program.

And a zig zag quilt which was a kit from Connecting Threads last fall when the prices during Black Friday sales are impossible to resist!
Again, a donation to the We Care program through my local quilt guild.
Hopefully, now that I am back home and my desktop doesn't have an issue with downloading pictures from my camera, I will be able to keep you more updated on my quilting projects and progress.

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