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Monday, April 30, 2018

2018 is one third over!

This is my monthly Quilter's planner block for April.  I actually had it made earlier but forgot to post the picture.

We are getting some dry days and have even had a day of warmth and heat!  Of course, it was short lived and we went right back to rain.  The tulip fields below me are in full bloom now.
I spent some time with my sister and just when you think you have a messy quilting room, you see someone who is far worse off with their organization.  She has been brilliant with our parents but sadly, her storage room has had no TLC for at least 6 months and she is a window display artist and when a window gets emptied, it gets shoved in here and she grabs what she needs for her next job.  So, we emptied one aisle and got to work.

Was a totally different experience than working with fabric!  But a lovely day and perfect working conditions.
My only real quilting project this last few weeks was a quilt for the Humboldt Broncos and it is on its way to Saskatchewan and am hoping the recipient gets some warmth and feels my hugs when they wrap up in it. This was a great pattern and I know one quilter who is making a quilt for her guest bed using the block!

Am still working on my stargazer blocks, one at a time!  Only 5 left to finish! 
And a nice stack of green rail fences made from scrap fabrics.  Green was the stashbuster colour for March and I made string blocks but didn't get the rail fence ones done.
I do have three quilt tops from last fall for Quilts of Valour Canada spray basted with batting and backing and ready to quilt and bind.  Hopefully, that is first on the agenda for May.  But in the meantime, I have been making blocks for Canada Stitches and decided to work on Maple Leaf blocks for April.  The blocks are in the mail to their destination. A big thanks to my Quilting Diva friends who made a nice variety blocks to add to what I had made.

I have already completed the blocks for May so I can show them to my Quilting Diva friends in case they want to make some again this month.   This one is the Disappearing 4 patch and if you aren't familiar, this is the basic technique.  I started off with 6" squares and the slice in all four directions was 1.5" inches from the seam line.  If you make this block, measure twice and cut once!  I messed up my first block. The four center sections get reversed and all is stitched back together again.  Great use of scraps! And thanks to Dee for her fabric contributions to the cause.

Off to set up my machine to do some free motion on these QOVC quilts!

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