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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Langley Quilt Show

I took time 'off' from my regular routine and schedule and visited Langley quilt show yesterday.  I met so many 'old' friends and had fun visiting as well as looking at the fabulous quilts.  A great mix of traditional and modern quilts.  I took a few pictures of my favourites or quilts that I thought "I can make that!". 

At guild this week, I won!  I had a choice of half the money collected or this stack of fat quarters... the fabric came home with me.

And, I have started creating my village.  This was a sew along, stitching 8 houses at a time, in January... am a little late to the party but working away on them.  They are fun to make and use two charm squares or 5" squares and I am going through my scrap bins, one colour at a time.
The tulip festival below our house is finished this weekend which means less traffic on the interchange at the highway but, also means no more glorious colour to look at daily.
A busy week with two guild meetings, tennis, taking neighbours to the cruise ship dock and a quilt show.  Have stitched lots of houses, 39 of them and finished my stargazer blocks.  But my current list of projects is:
- play with cracker blocks
- make some 10" blocks for a quilt of valour that my quilt Diva is making for our guild challenge
- finish a preemie quilt that I picked up a kit for on Tuesday
- layer and quilt 3 more tops from winter sewing
- get the binding finished on the two Quilts of Valour I have finally quilted from last fall
- make my May blocks: strippy and rail fences in pink and roses
- stitch my quilter's planner block for May
And then work on whatever else catches my wandering brain.  Too many ideas, not enough time!

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